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 Is it normal for a lady to experience mild chest pain and nausea on and off days before she has a heart attack?

 Should I get a heart ultrasound? advice please?
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My girlfriend refuses to eat...
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I am really healthy I have always been except for when I donated blood last year and faced anemia but the doctor never confirmed it he gave me the list to recover from it but he never said I had it. ...

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 chronic microvascular disease?
Can anyone provide any information (treatment, definition, prognosis) on chronic microvascular disease and ganglia infarction.

Thank you so much if you ...

 i am certain i have had an angina or heart attack but blood tests were negative are they 100 % accurate?
i am 38 and had a bad attack last night i woke from my sleep with immense pain in centre of my chest like a crushing pain someone standing on my chest and tightening it all at the same time it lasted ...

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can you die from a mild case of ebstein's anomaly of the tricuspid valve? Also does smoking and drinking caffeine make it worse?...

 if a person had lice is that categorized as having a condition?
i had a argument with someone and it just needed to be settled he thinks it would be having a virus which i know its not but am i right?...

 do i am going to have heart attack soon?
my left chest on the breast head and also near the center of left chest is hurt but not too hurt, it rather like internal pain or hidden pain and it also hurt in kidney area but that not continues ...

 Heart feels like skipping /flutters why? ?
I visit the Dr yesterday he said not to be concern he send me for a couple tests eco,blood,and monitos for 24 hours... I am freaking out!...

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 Blood cholesterol level?
I received my blood donor information today and reviewed the results. I noticed that it said
"Cholesterol: 162"
I was wondering if that's a good level to be at or what?

 Help with heart palpitations?
So, ive been having heart palpitations for a couple of weeks now. Some days they wont effect me at all, and somedays ill constantly have them. Im not worried about it. But it is quite annoying, ...

 Plague in arteries or the heart ?
Is there a way to detect plague in arteries in heart in a non invasive method? I already had a carotid artery ultrasound....

 Am I at risk of dying?
I am really worried that I may be at risk of dying from a heart condition and have been reading about something called SAD (sudden adult death syndrome) and have now convinced myself that I could ...

 My heart hurts so much. What do I do?
I left him 2 days and a week ago because I found out he has been lying to me. As a friend it's unacceptable and I have only loved him with all of my heart. He treated me badly. I know he's O...

 What's wrong with my heart?
I love this girl but feel as if she don't love me and every time I think about it my heart hurts really bad why is this??...

 If my problems were my heart would these tests definitely diagnose it?
I have been diagnosed with major depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder turning into agoraphobia. The main symptom that scares me is the chest pain on the left side that goes into my arm. I ...

High pulse rate in teens?
Hi, i'm a 16 year old girl and my pulse is extremely high for someone like me. I haven't had exercise in several hours now and my puse is about 106 beats per minute. I can't sleep and I want to make sure that this isn't that serious. It's been 3 hours now and my pulse hasn't changed which makes me a bit nervous. Please if you can give me an honest answer that could help me, i'd feel much better. Thank you.

Brandy Barbarossa
87-89 is normal 106 is fine 134-140 + then be concerned.

You could be a little nervous or something which is slightly elevating your heart rate. On top of that, you are no concerned about your heart rate being so high, so you are even more nervous. This is causing you extra anxiety which often causes elevated heart rate. Relax a little and don't worry about this. Go see a doctor if you are really concerned.

RIGHT, LOOK AT THIS. And take some deep breaths, in through your nose, out from your mouth. Do it untill there is no air left in your lungs.

Now for my possible correct answer to what you have/ing.

Is this the first ever time you have noticed this, or is it high all the time?

I have had this once where my heart rate was very high for a few hours...really freaked me out which didn't help. I asked about it on here and someone said that I might of had an episode of paroxysmal atrial tachycardia (PAT). Now this is basically when your heart beats fast for about 1 to several hours, very scary. At our age it doesn't matter because our heart can take it, but for older people it can be quite serious. Now this could be a one off, because certain things can trigger paroxysmal atrial tachycardia, so google it and have a read :)

Now if you get attack like this all the time, then it's a case of going to the doctors, having several checks and then you get put on medication to help it...but I'm sure this will probably be a one off, like me.

Now I'm sorry if I'm wrong but it sounds like that to me and by working yourself up it makes it worse. Good luck.

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