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 Should he go the hospital again?
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a- Saturated b- Unsaturated c- Polyunsaturated d- M...

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is that safe or what and if i smoke marijuana will it be dangerous or is it ...

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 My heart is acting strangely?
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 I had open heart surgery when i was 6 days old, im 18 and considering the military would this stop me?

hip-hip-hurray LOVES animals.
Fatigue and congestive heart failure?
I have been very very tired lately, like the past 2 weeks. I will get up, be up a few hours doing hardley anyhing when it hits me,i become very tired as if i can't keep my eyes open, i don't feel like doing a thing, could this be a cause of heart failure?(i do not know what degree the congestive heart failure is).how do i overcome this, i hate the feeling and wanting to sleep all the time.

blue eyes
all answers are very good....Smoking also causes emphysema, making one listless, and hard to get going....get it checked out....

I have c.h.f. mainly it is really hard to breathe and allot of weight gain anyway you should see a doctor

Country Girl
My mom had congestive heart failure and I do recall that she was often tired at various times. I think it is always an advantage to be an active participant in your care and understanding of what exactly your condition is, and some of the side effects of it. And possible side effects from medications as well. Some Dr's. don't offer a whole lot of information upfront or may not explain it so that the laymen can understand, but I think most Dr's will answer your questions and explain things clearly if you ask and want to be actively involved in managing your condition.. Best to go in to the office with a list of questions written down. The more questions you ask and the better understanding you have, will help you to deal with it all on a daily basis. Try not to get discouraged, just learn what you can about your specific condition. I wish you the very best every day and improved health.!

doug g
Immediately see a doctor or get to the emergency room, they will take test. Some people never get the chance to find out what is wrong, they just drop dead.

Fatigue and tiredness, out of breath feeling, all can be a sign of a Heart problem, I had all of these through three heart attacks. It's always best to have this checked out, it takes five minutes to have an EKG run.

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