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 Why Cardiac rhythm and Pulse Pressure get lower as the person gets older?
Sorry my english is not that good :)...

 Is there a difference between blood pressure pills for high blood pressure and hypertension?
I ask this because I have a friend with hypertension who's interested in taking prescription pills to treat his high blood pressure. Only problem is he's been diagnose with high blood ...

 is there a support group for people who have had heart attacks?
heart attack in early 20...

 after nine months i still have the feeling in my arms like a charlie horse and weird?
feelings after the heart surgery does any one know how long that last....

 why does blood flow increase and decrease during ventricular septal defect?

 is heavy bass music bad for your heart?
my friend told me that listening to the heavy bass music (the kind that makes your whole body shake) is bad for your heart
i cant find anything about that so i don't think its true
is ...

 how long for arteries?
would it take for arteries to clog up if you ate mcdonalds every other day for a yr and a half?...

 Whats wrong with my heart?
Okay Im a teen. Im 14. Pretty healthy. ive been having heart pain for a while. It goes and comes back. Feels kind of like someones stabbing me or pinching me. Ive told the doctor and she said its ...

 what is the medical term for "from the mother"?
i really need answer right ...

 Tv jumps with my heart?
Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble watching tv recently, it seems to jump up and down. I asked my other half but they couldn't see a thing. Then I noticed that it's in rhythm with my ...

 Who is a better source of cardiovascular information and saturated fat , Dr. Roizen or Anthony Colpo?
What do you think ?...

 Blood pressure 142/74 on a 17 year old?
I just walked to the store and checked my blood pressure this morning and this seems a bit high. Is it dangerously high or just a bit high?

I'm 5'9 and weigh 180 lbs....

 why there is always a arrow on a broken heart?

 Is blood pressure of 122/70 OK for a 28 yr old?
I got my blood pressure checked for the first time in a while last week. Is 122/70 OK for a 28 year old? It's kind of hard to tell from the charts but it looks like a number over 120 for the ...

 are these heart palpitations dangerous?
recently i've been having a "fluttering" feeling in my chest like my heart is working overdrive. these only last about a second or two. according to WebMD, these are heart palpitations....

 How can you test your own hearing to find it its the normal range?
I use a headset for work and I find more so in social/party gatherings that I cannot hear what people say where others beside me can. I also finding that I am asking people to repeat what that say as ...

 Is there a treatment for a clog in the heart?
I am not asking about blood clots. That is different from what I am asking....

 Is there something wrong with my heart?
So here lately at just random moments i feel like my heart adds or skips a beat or something, its hard to describe, its almost like a little shock and its scares the stuff out of me. It used to ...

 What to expect after a heart attack?
My dad (51 years old) had a heart attack a week ago and just got stents and an angioplasty on Monday and released Tuesday. There was very minimal damage during the heart attack and he was able to ...

 Anyone know any newborns that has had open heart surgery?
Ok so my 2weeks old baby has to have heart surgery next week to correct a valve and muscle.. Just wondering what are the chances of her surving the surgery? Thanks ...

Does serrapeptase really clean your arteries?
Or is it just another scam in this world of many scams?

it seen many websites, but no standard text book has a reference eg: Braunwald's heart disease 8th edition and Harrison;s principles of internal medicine 17th edition and it is not used to flush your arteries by a recognised institute

"Drill baby Drill"
Serrapeptase is mainly to clean out blood clots, Malic acid does work to clean out arteries from plaque 2000mg a day over 3 months. apple cider vigenor also works the same in cleaning out arteries because it has malic acid in it. Swanson vitamin sells the best quality at the best price, only buy it from swanson vitamin because of the quality is the best.

Black Jack
Serrapeptase is a claimed anti-inflammatory said to treat back pain, heart attack, stroke, and asthma. No sufficient evidence has been produced to prove these claims and performance was declared as "generally poor" in trials.

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