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 What heart problems can't be detected by a stethoscope?
What heart problems can't be detected by a stethoscope and would need something more like a ultrasound to be noticed?...

Valerie Johnson
Doctor says i have a heart murmur?
Yesterday when i was getting my sports physical my doctor said i had a heart murmur. They made me do an EKG and scheduled an appointment for me to see a cardiologist. But they never really explained what a heart murmur is. So what is it? And will it affect me playing volleyball, basketball, and track for the next 4 years?

Martin P
Here is a source for some more information.


Basically, it is an improper closing of a heart valve.

Depending on what type of murmur it is, it could be serious, or nothing. Your doctor is the best resource to find out.

Basically a heart murmur is turbulent blood flow through the valves. Most heart murmurs are innocent which means there is nothing wrong with your heart. Heart murmurs ARE NOT heart problems. It should not affect you playing any sports. The reason you need to go to a cardiologist is because some heart murmurs indicate a heart problem(usually a valve problem or a hole in the heart both easily fixable) So dont worry, the cardiologist will check your heart and explain everything :)

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