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 Is it normal to feel like your heart stoped pumping? plz help me thanks?

Ok.... So here I am again asking a question for opinions.. Seriously I don't think I trust my doctor. He was new to me a month ago and I went in with a BP of 140/100 stressed out and overweight ...

 why does my Heart hurt when i breath?
when i breath full/ hard my heart starts to hurt

why does this happen?

is it serous?...

 is this normal blood pressure?

 My mother has congestive heart failure. and for the past week her left foot has been so swollen. Why?
her left foot has been so swollen that she can not put her shoes on. Which is worse, if your left foot is swollen or your right foot? Is her heart getting worse? I thought her Doctor said that if ...

 Can you have High Blood Pressure aged 17?
Im just wondering this as i've been feeling ill for a few years now since I was 15. I feel dizzy most of the time, when I stand up in the morning I go light headed for a few seconds, I suffer ...

 What is Valve leakage?What does it cause?
Dear All,
My Mother has recently reported of Valve leakage...She is a diabaetic for past 6 years..Please help me to understand about it in detail about the causes and ...

 What's Hypertension?
side effects, etc....

 What does a heart attack feel like?
How do you know you're having one?...

 I have a question about heart failure.?
I am 16 years old and I am a Neuroblastoma survivor. My doctor in Atlanta told me that due to the amount of the chemical I recieved through my medaport, I am at a higher risk for heart failure. She ...

 how to lower blood pressure without med?

 If chest pains recur in a person every day....?
What should they do? I am STILL having these SEVERE chest pains and my parents are being a bunch of (insert word), and will not ever choose to listen to me because they think they know it all. Please ...

 is it normal..................................…
to have your heartbeat beating fast after crouching down to look at something in the supermarket ?

i just noticed it today my heartbeat seemed 2 b racing

how do you know if ...

 everybody wants me, but i do'est have heart?

 how do you heal a broken heart?
my girl cheated on me. And we broke up....

 The heart naturally slows when responding to?
The heart naturally slows when responding to
a. endorphin.
b. acetylcholine.
c. nitric oxide.
d. GABA.
e. epinephrine....

 what does it mean if i feel my body getting hot and my heart beating fast?

 about my husband condition...he had motorbiking accident last Nov. stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks...?
and now on his recovery from his head and right clavicle surgeries.He still disorienting most of the time but he gets better each day by comparison, I want to ask if there's a hope that he'...

 If Cholesterol Meds was the be all and end all, why isn't it perscribed to "all" in order to avoid heart probs

 Extremely high blood pressure?
If a person has a blood pressure of 201 over 110, what is likely to be the outcome? Just concerned of stroke or heart attack. I no absolutely nothing about blood pressure, however I realize this is ...

Can your heart burst?
if you eat to much like say if your 2 hundred or something i know it's harder on your heart, But can you heart burst from eating ? I heard that somewhere.

no, heart cannot burst from EATING simply because what you eat does not go to your heart. it goes to the stomach you see. so your tummy can break due 2 over eating, but not your heart...lol!

it is not like that what you eat directly reaches to ur heart n fills it up so that it bursts...this never ever happens...
digestive system is completely different entity from cardiovascular system...
thing u take can affect ur cardiovascular system badly eg, fats can increase cholesterol level etc

Aimee S
No don't worry about that that's not true.
Your heart can get overworked though.
No bursting.

gangadharan nair
The normal thickness of left ventricular wall is 1 to 1.5 cm. During heart attack, the cardiac tissue may become infarct (death). During the process, the wall become thin and it may bulge leading to cardiomyopathy. The possibility of bursting the heart is remote. But it is not uncommon to burst aorta due to aneurysm (ballooning).

No, but one of the arteries leading to the heart can burst.

While it's possible to rupture a ventricle from things such as trauma I have my suspicions that eating food will result in a bursting heart. More often then not if you eat like crap over a long period of time you'll clog a blood vessel and die of an mi if the right vessel is clogged an example being one of the coronaries. Now something you can potentially burst from eating too much would be things like the stomach and the intestines.

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