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 INR Level and Coumadin?
Can being under a large amount of stress change your INR level? Does it make it rise or fall?...

 I need to go to doctor to find out about my chest pains i am getitng. Will i have to wear a heart monitor?
If i wear one, will i be limited to work while i wear it? i work outside normally 4 times a week....

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 Why does my heart hurt?
oww it feels uncomfortable and painful =[ I don't know why though. The only thing I can think of is I was around some people who were smoking a few hours ago and it usually makes me feel sick ...

 got shocked?
i feel weird and tingly
why is ...

 fat in blood?
My mother was at the doctors today and they told her that she has alot of fat in blood, i was not there to ask questions i did call and have an appt. to speak to the MD 4-18- but i'm worried, ...

 Does Anyone Know How Old The People Are From "All Time Low"?

 how to decrease esr level in the body?
for a person if the esr rate is 34 accompanied by some yellowish cuff what is the possible treatment and ways to decrease esr level in the body.thank ...

 Will taking antibiotics for a sinus infection cause my dad to have a blood clot if he has heart stents?
For some reason he recalled his doctor telling him that but when he called and talked to the nurse she had never heard of it. So he is scared to take anything....

 im 41 and i like to know what causes high pulse rate and what can be done to lower it?

 why would you give enalapril to a child with down syndrom and no high blood pressure???
the child does not have high blood ...

 Have You Ever Informed Your Doctor Of Dr. Uffe Ravnskov 's Book "The Cholesterol MYTHS"?
Have you ever politely inmformed your dotor that the Cholesterol Theory has no scientific foundation behind it by showing him Dr. Uffe Ravnskov's book "The Cholesterol MYTHS" which ...

 I get heart palpitations on occasion. Is this normal?? (more detail inside)?
These seem to happen when i feel overheated, nad when i bend down too quick and in the wrong way, like for example when I go to pick up something. Can heat really be the cause of this? Or is there a ...

 How are increased heart rate and decreased blood pressure related -- in terms of the mechanics of circulation?
I have been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. When I take my blood pressure sitting and then standing, my heart rate always increases significantly, but my blood pressure ...

 can I take lisinopril for hypertension along with levetiracetam for epilepsy safely?
I have just been placed on lisinopril for high blood pressure and may be also be placed on levetiracetam for epileptic seizures; I am concerned about the possibility of a drug interaction....

 My son has a 2/6 systolic heart murmur in the second right intercostal beat. What does that mean?
could it become serious?...

 can anyone answer this? if you can, your genius?
administration of anti hypertensive drug that selectively block stimulation of the alpha1 adrenergic receptor sites.

what possible side effect the drug could create on the heart?...

 heart beating fast palpitations?
well i dont know what is this but ssometimes i get these heart palpitations or wtv u call them. im 17 i dnt smoke dnt drink and dnt really exercise alot but im supposidly healthy. this happnes almost ...

 I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and I am tired all the time. If you have this condition, list your side effects.?

Can smoking weed make your heart rate go up?
If someone smokes weed(it's their second time)can it cause their heart rate to go up?

Gwynne P
Yes, your heart rate will go up. The more you smoke, the faster! Hope this helps! :)

err. x
yeah it makes your heart beat faster

Yeah, plus you can feel EVERY beat. It might trip you out if your not used to it. Goes away eventually.

yes nothin 2 worry about its jus the weed
my heart rate goes up 2 but i think its
jus cuz im excited im smoking lol :P

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