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 is it possible that the MD is right?
ive been getting this brutal headache i mean all over and she said it might be a vision problem and for to go see an eye md but he md said my vision is the same and my astigmatism didn't get any ...

 Check my Blood Pressure at the store and it was 174/101...Help?
ive been dieting for the past 3 months and lost like 15 pounds..also going to the gym..im not on medication..what else can i do to lower this asap..im trying to stay away from meds..im already on ...

 Is it safe to have a general anasthetic if u have low blood pressure?
I have to have a general anasthetic next week , I'm worried cos I have low blood pressure and get light headed or drowsy very easily .. Could it be dangerous to have general anasthetic if u have ...

 angina vs. angina pectoris?
Some sources define "angina" as a "disease of the throat" while others say it is a "chest pain". Do you always have to specify "angina pectoris" when referring ...

 I get depressed every year after heart surgery for no reason?
Help me.

For 3 months my life is dark, then I feel better out of nowhere and a lot of medicine.

Tell me what I should do... I want to die....

 a throbbing pulse in left ear?

 Where can I find information on pacemakers in people with no natural heart activity?
My grandma had a triple bypass and the doctor explained her heart as "not waking up" and it has no natural electrical heartbeat. He said the temporary pacemaker was not enough and put in a ...

 Flued around the heart?
Okay my Father went to the hospital from breathing trouble about two days ago. Yesterday they said he has flued around his heart and yesterday claim there is nothing they can do, his life is in his ...

 CPT code for physical exam?

 Heart attack at the age of 17?
I'm 17 year old; around 6'1 weighing 81kg.

I have a takeaway every friday and saturday consisting of lots of fat.

On a normal day, i eat around 70g of fat. I don'...

 How long can a young person live with congestive heart failure?
My fiance is only 20 and has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I'm in a panic because all of my online research says most people with this condition only live 5 or 10 years. Is this ...

 hi, i am still having heart papiltations since last Thurday. I was diagnosed with <sinus> tachycardia in March?

 How can a person's physiological response to a heart attack help them survive?
I'm doing a paper on a case study. The man, John Doe, is 55 years old, has high cholesterol, and has experienced frequent chest pains, profuse sweating, dizziness, and shallow breathing.

 Besides medication, what else can be done to lower your heart rate? My heart rate is about 95-100 on average,?
my doctor said to stay away from caffeine and energy drinks, and no exercise....

 Would my children have the smae problem as me?
I was born with a hole in my heart, so the doctors took me all all the way from Fountain Valley Regional Hospital in Fountain Valley, California to UCSD Medical Center in San Diego, California that ...

 can someone explain pain management for cardiac pain to me please?
I am being sent to a pain management dr. for cardiac pain since I am not a candidate for bypass surgery and would like to know what is involved....

 I know 120/80 is ideal blood pressure reading, so is ...?
is 96/62 real low blood pressure or is it about normal...?...

 My heart has been hurting for a week, is it probably nothing?
My insurance doesn't start until July 1st. If possible, I'm trying to avoid seeing a doctor before then because of the high price. For the past week my heart hurts. It's pain on the ...

 Strange heart and lung issues?
I really need for someone to help me figure these things out. Well, everytime I lay on my back I feel like I can't breathe. It's like I can't catch my breath and it almost causes me to ...

 is this white coat hypertension?
I have a question about my blood pressure. I was recently diagnosed with pre hypertension. Everytime I went to the Dr's Office they said it was high. This never happened before and I just ...

judy z
Can beta-blockers make a person feel listless and tired all the time?

Jason A

no name
hi,im on beta blockers and yes they make me feel tired all the time,that is one of the side effects as beta blockers lower your blood preasure,they make me feel confused sometimes too,so yes it is normal according to the leaflet i got with mine explaining the side effects...

Anna E
They do, but as you are on them for a while you body can become used to them and the side effect is not as bad.

Generally that is when you alter your medication if possible.

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