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 Any heart attack survivors, i need anatomy help!?
I'm an 11th grade student in an Anatomy class, and our final exam is to research the "The Anatomy of a Life Threatening Disease"... So, i chose coronary heart disease-- specifically H...

 What does it mean when spider veins develop around the heart?
I just recently noticed I have spider veins developing around my heart area in my chest. I don't know if this helps at all, but it almost feels like it's a weight ion my chest, but idk if ...

 Does somebody ever use ANGOPRIM a name of medicine which can cleans plaque from blood arteries,?
Does somebody ever use ANGIOPRIM a name of medicine made in USA which can cleans plaque from blood arteries. Kindly inform me of the effectiveness....

 if you are slightly overweight and your cholesterol levels are normal should you worry bout a heart attack?

 What to do if someone has a heartattack?
I live overseas and the ambulance system here is very unreliable. My father has high blood pressure, overweight and under a lot of stress, as of lately I've been really worried about him getting ...

 can get heart attack from sudden panic?
i sleep and the neighbors on our above, dropping something really heavy loud on early morning 6.03am yesterday and i been shaked then wake up suddenly and then they stopped making noise. My problems ...

 Can smoking Marijuana cause a heart attack?
I ask cuz my friend told me today he knew a 28 year old who had a heart attack from smoking weed? And plus, I'm kind of a hypcocrondiac so what do you guys think its a stoner question I guess. HO...

 What are the waiting times for Heart Transplants?
My girlfriend needs a new heart and she's in the hospital, I love her to death and just keep praying she is able to get a donor soon she's usually in good health, but her heart has been a ...

 what is a good way to have better blood circulation through your body?

 Is he giving me the Silent Treatment ADVICE PLEASE!!!!?
so its been about 3-4days and he use to send me MANY messages neally everyday at about bedtime for the past month or so or at least say hi on facebook or msn. But he hasnt spoken to me for the past 3-...

 Organs and important tissues in the cardiovascular system?

 Types of long term heart disease?
Hi there,

I'm a writer and I'm looking for information. I was wondering... what sort of types of heart disease are there where someone could potentially live with it for years, ...

 Why is blood pressure lower when laying down? Is it normal to be lower?
Is this high for laying down? 117/74, or is it average?
Is this high for standing up? Or is it average 122/83

btw Im a 14 year old ...

 Angina? Or just stress?
So I've been feeling this tugging feeling from my left chest area or I could just say my left breast hah. I've been feeling it when I eat something usually. Or at random times. I can stress ...

 Random rapid heartbeat?
Once every one or two months I get this random wave of VERY rapid heartbeats. It happens when I stand back up from bending over to pick something up. To make it go away I usually just sit down and ...

 Heart Problems/ 13 years old.?
I am 13 years old, and lately been feeling weird in the heart.
Like off beats and just,tingly.

I had leg surgery about 2 months ago and im 110 pounds, 5 Foot 7 , 13 years old.

 What things you eat low of to prevent heart disease.?
I am trying to eat very,very little cholestorel but is there any thing else I should be low on too?...

 how to cure anxitey attacks?
I Just started having them today, I Got really "messed up " this weekend i know im DONE with pills but how i stop having these attacks most the time i can fee them comming on but, few times ...

 What is a good idea of what's going on?
This stuff has been going on with me since as long as I can remember...
# Dizziness or feeling light-headed.
# Fainting.
# Shortness of breath.
# Tired a lot (even when I get ...

 Is my heart rate healthy?
67 bpm for a 17 year old ...

Can an EKG detect heart problems?
If you have had an EKG and everything came back normal, does that mean you do not have any heart problems? My mom and I were discussing how some people do not realize that they have a heart problem. So would an EKG show if you had any heart problems? Thanks!

An EKG can detect problems with the electrical activity of the heart, it can show evidence of an enlarged heart or previous heart attack. It is possible to have some heart disease even with a normal EKG as EKG cannot detect certain heart conditions such as valvular disease.

It can but there are serious exceptions. As in case of Coronary artery disease. How?

Coronary artery disease occurs when the coronary arteries become partially blocked or clogged, thereby depriving the heart muscle of oxygen (myocardial ischemia). When the blockage is temporary or partial, angina (chest pain or pressure) may occur. In such a person, resting ECG is generally normal and heart rate too can be normal.

When the blockage completely and suddenly cuts off the flow of blood, the result is myocardial infarction. This shows classical ECG features of heart attack.

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