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 Has anybody had any luck with garlique for lowering blood pressure?
Can anybody suggest any other natural remedies (besides the usual diet, exercise, low sodium, etc). I know those, am looking for herbs, supplements, things like that....

 what do the initials I N R mean when you have a blood test if you are on warfarin?

 Is It Normal For Your Heart To Stop?/?
Im 17 years old, 5'9 168 pounds (around there), i workout, take whey protein, run etc. I rarelyyyy eart fatty foods, and rarellllyyyy drink soda, i was eating some baked chicken with, brown rice,...

 Why did my dad have a heart attack?
My dad suffered 2 heart attacks today. He is going to be ok but i was wondering how did this happen? he exercises every day and eats extremely healthy. he is 46 years old. Could stress be a cause of ...

 Did I have a heart attack?
last night at 4am my chest started hearting severely for around ten minutes. the source of the pain wasnt exactly at the centre, it was just a little to the right.
I have had chest pains before, ...

 Stress Test? I'm 44 with an exceptional blood test outcome. Why the automatic push?
My bad cholesterol was 40 points higher than what is reguarded as upper limit O.K.-(bad). My doctor is pushing a test that will ultimately cost me a month's wages. I'll stop the '...

 How common is it to have an irregular heartbeat?
I had a work physical, and they told me that It showed I had an extra heart beat on my ECG. The "work doctor", asked me if I drank coffee in the morning, and I told her no. She said that ...

 how many heart bypasses can you have at once?

 My mother is falling with no reason why. Could this be small strokes?
She is 97 years old with no medical problems except glaucoma. She takes no ...

 Is a heart rate of 238 too high for a 28 year old female when running on the treadmill? I run 1mile.?

 Why striking doctors are not charged with homicide when there patients die without treatment?

 It amazes me to see medical prof's with serious weight problems, especially heart surgeons-how can this be?
I saw a world-renowed heart surgeon on tv that was at least 50 pds overweight. With all the damage weight does to a body and seeing it first-hand, it boggles my mind that anyone in the medical world ...

 how long does the effect of a stroke last?
My mom is 57 and had a stroke two months ago..She is paralyzed on her left body.. her speech is somewhat normal.. she can move her leg a little bit but her hand is still paralyzed.. Does it take ...

 Is something wrong with my heart???
ok so my heart has had palapatations before but the doctor said its not too uncommon but lately my heart has physically hurt. And when it hurts it almost feels like its not beating hard enough or way ...

 Are there any blood pressure pills to lower blood pressure without impotent side effects?
I have high blood pressure and I'm about to turn 18,I'm not taking any med with impotent side effects no matter what,someone tell me one med that doesn't have that effect....

 im 53 years old and diagnosed with atrial fibrilation and high blood pressure. will this shorten my life ?
im in constant fibrilation and on blood pressure medicine (atenolol)which slows it down ...

 am i gonna have a stroke?
Ok I'm 17years old hypochondriac and I read about this 18year old who suddenly had a stroke and died. She was a beauty pagent winner etc. I'm so scared now I've been having these ...

 what is the type of reviving someone?
its were some pounds on someones chest like rock paper scissors ...

 Checking blood pressure, thought I was ok, but what does the Dr. think?
Today I am 190 over 60,(last week 180/60) I think it is kind of high, but where I work they keep calling me to fix things. Can not afford to lose my job, but at every given moment I can almost feel ...

 What can these wierd symptoms be? The doc's do not know either? Help!?
Can someone help me find out what I have? I have been to the doctors and a lot of my tests are abnormal but they cannot find the exact cause of my symptoms and test results. I am a 24 year old female....

Can a person will himself to die try to stop heart?
I have a irregular heart rate sometimes fast & slow. My life is in a sorry state because of my bad decisions i have made with no job & a mail order bride. i want to end it all but make death look natural can this be done by thinking about stopping my heart, at night i get short of breath & cannot feel my heartbeat?

no that is impossible. you could however walk in front of a speeding car. remember to take out life insurance first

It's impossible to just "will" yourself to die. You can't even will yourself to stop breathing, your body will FORCE you to breathe. Many times, especially in elderly people, people will just give up on life such as after they lose their spouse. Typically those people will die shortly thereafter. That's usually because they stop eating properly and stop taking their medication regularly and essentially just lay down to die. But it takes weeks sometimes months. You can't simply decide to die and then suddenly bite the big one.

My suggestion is if you are that unhappy with your life (I'm pretty sure they don't do "mail order brides" anymore by the way) then see a counselor and start making smarter life choices.

No, no one or nothing can stop what God starts.

I almost think it's possible.

Shortly after having been thrown through a windshield in a serious vehicle accident, I wondered the same thing - not because I was depressed, but because I remembered what it was like to "die" (they lost me three times) and out of curiosity, I wanted to see if I could re-create that.

I think it almost worked. I got to a point where I had to struggle to "will myself back" (or so it seemed), because I still had the presence of mind to not step too far "over the line". It was an awesome experience, but I wouldn't want to duplicate it.

As for your reasons for wanting to do it, it sounds like you have a case of depression. I know what you're going through. Everyone has their ups and downs in life, but it seems that my downs have scraped the bottom just where yours feel like they're at. And I, too, have made some miserable decisions in life (many people have).

I was blinded in one eye in the accident, and this has caused depression, especially in the job market - I can't do what I used to do (drive a truck) and so I had to start over at the bottom (minimum wage). I tried to bring myself back too fast by jumping from one job to another until I was almost unemployable. I have recently been diagnosed with emphysema (due to one of my bad choices) and diabetes (another bad choice).

I sat around moping about it for years until I got to weigh 355 pounds and it was hard to even crawl out of bed. I've since started doing something about my problems. I have a long way to go, but I know things will work out if I just don't give up. I have a friend who has similar problems who HAS given up....it's not something I like to see happen, but he refuses help.

But you have to realize one important thing - life is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. It sounds kind of weird to say that, I know. But try to imagine what your "self" was like before coming into existence. For billions of years you never existed. Then, through some miraculous blip in the grand scheme of things, you managed to grab onto the time line and start your journey on this relatively short ride. There's going to come a time when you'll get off the train and everything you've experienced during your short life will be gone.

In comparison with what is waiting afterward, time as we perceive it is a relatively short span, and our individual existence within that span is much shorter. You don't really want to miss this opportunity. There's never been anything like it and there will never be again. Enjoy the ride while you still have a ticket.

But you need to deal with your depression and other physical problems. This can be done by treating yourself for dehydration. Depression is one of the signs of dehydration, and so is your heart problem. Click on the link below to learn how to do it properly.

As for the "no job" and the "mail-order bride", I'm afraid water won't help you there. A better outlook on life may help in the job market, but the other problem - well, maybe you're better off with out it. The catalogues today don't have a great selection like they used to. They're either too small or they're ready to expire.

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