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If you only knew
Blood pressure reading?
Is a reading of 101/139 high? what does it mean if the bottom number is high?

you are prehypertensionous which means that you are no longer in the safe and normal rage with your blood pressure. The top number is your styloic number and you want that to be 120 or less and you bottom number is dyistolic which u wnat to be 80 or less. your range is in the danger zone you need to contorl you blood pressure and keep doing readings.

my wife is a registered nurse and she said you must have the numbers backwards and if you dont you need to go to er because even a 1 time reading like that is saying somthing is very wrong and very dangerous dont wait to get another reading if this reading is correct go to er or at least call them and they will tell you the same come in

Most of the other answers are correct but one isolated reading does not mean you have high blood pressure. Activity, stress, talking, position of the blood pressure cuff can all alter the findings. You need to take your blood pressure at the same time each day. First thing in the morning is easiest before you start any activity. Make sure the blood pressure cuff is on the same arm all the time and is positioned correctly. No talking, sit quietly while the cuff is working then record your blood pressure. If the bottom number continues to be in the 100 range after doing this for several days, it might be time to talk with your doctor about your blood pressure.

hypertension is systolic pressure > 140 OR diastolic pressure >90
so 139/101 is high...but one reading is not enough, it needs 3 high readings in three separate visits to say its hypertension.
its not dangerously high, it can be corrected with good diet and some life style modifications.

Bill D
The numbers as you typed them can't be correct. Do you mean 139 (systolic) over 101 (diastolic)?

The second number (diastolic) is the pressure on the arterial walls when the heart is refilling.

Ideally, blood pressure should be less than 120/80.

That's Miss Cissoko to you!
It's dangerously high. Norm is 120/80

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