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 Can a human live with only 25% of a heart functioning?

 had a stress test said there were abnormalties but they were consistant nothing to worry about what does that?

 Chest or heart discomforts?
I am 20 years old. about 5'8 and 170. i have started having these discomforts in my upper left chest area. in my heart area i think, sometime the discomfort goes all the way on the left side of ...

 I have 35% heart function?
Dr. says 35% heart function but I would like to know what I can do if anything to improve the percentage ? How long would I have if I dont take care of myself. eat right and exercise?...

 Can narrowed Arteries re-open?
I'm being treated for high blood cholesterol, a bit worrying but I've made changes to my life style I expect to help.
If someone has narrowed (hardened) arteries from this will a ...

 Is there any way to tell if someone died of a heart attack without an autopsy?
Like at a crime scene can someone instantly tell if their death was due to a heart attack just by looking at them?

Does their skin turn a certain color due to heart attacks?
Is their ...

 what is the first thing you do when you enter a ptatients room to give any kind of medications?
From a nurse ...

 Is it Heart Attack>>>?
I am having a slight pain for the past 3 days in my CHEST, LEFT HAND, BACKSIDE OF MY HEAD AND BELOW IT. I had an endoscopy last year and was diagnosed with a SMALL HIATUS HERNIA. I was on Prevacid ...

 what is first degree atrioventricular block?
abnormal ...

 What age can you have a heart attack?
I'm 23 years old. My EKG showed I had no heart problems. What causes heart attacks? I do have panic attacks but it's being treated....

 My fiance was diagnosed with pericarditis (inflamatory heart) should he go back to work tomorrow?
He was diagnosed last night but he just got a call from an employer to start work tomorrow.. he told them he will get back to them soon, should he be cautious and wait or should he be okay to go.. ...

 Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazide?
My doctor put me on Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazide 10 mg/12.5 mg for high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. I started taking it yesterday today I feel very weak and have some pressure ...

 what is the best food routine, herbs and yoga for person who had undergone open heart surgery?
Please suggest the best daily food routine, herbs and yoga practices for a person who had undergone mitral valve repair and ASD closure....

 Homework help: Heart Disease.?
Homework due tomorrow.
Could you please help me.

How does Heart Disease affect your body?
I have done only two sentences for it and I need to extend it.
Don't make it ...

 I am Worried... Please Help!?
I am asking for some advice on this : I have experienced this before, every now and then i would have frequent chest pain (angina) and sometimes with breathing discomfort/pain. And just today when i ...

 Why does a problem on the left side of the heart cause symptoms in the right circuit?
I think it has something to do with mitral regurgitation - but, I am not too sure how or why.
Thank you very much for your help :)...

 blood pressure. why would my bp be dramatically higher on my right arm than it is on my left arm?
we are talking about a 20 piont differents most of the ...

Do i have a blood clot?
I was working out with new gloves. 2 hours later i took them off and there were veins in my hand and fingers that were black and blue also have a black circle on both my ...

 His blood pressure went from 166/104 to 83/52 and he weighs 230lbs I am worried because he has had a stent in?
He has had a stent put in 2004 he has not been taking his cholesterol med for more than 2yrs. Could it be that his artery has gotten clogged ...

 what effect does donating blood have on heart rate?
donating a pint of blood reduces blood volume which results in a decrease in blood pressure. what effect does donating blood have on heart rate?...

Is blood pressure 170/110 dangerous?Is there any problem for kidneys?Please suggest some important suggestions.......

Marco Dario argent
that is very high blood pressure! it is very dangerous to have it that high. i'm not a doctor, but it may be diet related. you must go to your doctor, and he will prescribe blood pressure medication that will lower it to a safe level, its not good. the normal blod pressure is 135 over 85. anything higher and you put yourself in danger.see a doctor immediately

it is high. you need to take some of the salt and saturated fats out of your diet and get some exercise <start by walking>. you should talk to your doc if there is a family history of heart disease/ stroke.

yes and the person need medical attention also a sustained bp of that level can cause renal damage.

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