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 Attention Medical Doctors and Nurses.?
I have no no health Ins? so i hope you have some answers.
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 Which sterol can contribute to heart disease?

 I have a heart condition and i don't know what the name is?
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 For a month I have dealt with the following: nausea, vomiting, low BP /pulse,...?
...fatigue, abd pain & dizzy. Any theories?
I've been hospitalized twice. All cardiac studies coming back normal, blood tests mid to low end normal, CT of sinus and abd neg, and sm bowel ...

 A patient has a pulse of 75 BPM, an end-systolic volume of 120ml & and end-diastolic volume of 135ml.cardiac?
A patient has a pulse of 75 BPM, an end-systolic volume of 120ml & and end-diastolic volume of 135ml.

What is their cardiac output? is the patient healthy?what could be the causes?...

 can you tell me all the facts about cardiovascular disease?
i need it for a project and no nasty comments or im reporting ...

 What is the sound of the heart monitor called when a person dies?
It is a one tone beep but does it have a name?...

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 Why do people experience hypertension and/or heart attacks after finding out shocking news?

 DO I have a heart???????????????????????????????????…

 My pulse had a wide range, and then today it was changing a little?
I'm a 21 year old female, and I have anxiety. One day, my pulse was 129 and then that night it was 56 when I was in bed. Then the next day it was in the 60s or 70s I think, then it was 56 again ...

 Does Nicotine cause stroke?
Bu Itself. E-C...

 am i having a heart attack right now?
i have a family with a history of hurt attacks, thats why i know some of the symptoms, my chest area upon the heart is in pain, and also my left arm starting from my shoulder to the half of my arm. ...

 I have High Cholesterol what should I do?
Okay Well its not as bad as I might think, However I am 21 and if I heard my doctor correctly my cholesterol level is 5.1 with 5.7 being the danger zone and 4.6 being normal.

I only way 13...

 Heart murmur correction for military?
I am 16 years old and have wanted to join the USAF for as far back as I can remember. I was born with a VSD that has since healed itself, yet the doctor still says that I have a heart murmur every ...

 Can low blood pressure cause venous stasis?

 18 year old guy with tachycardia?
im 18 years old and my resting heart rate is usually 75 to 100 and when i stand up and walk or do activities my heart rate goes up to 135-181....i have had xray and ct scan along with ekg and ...

24 year old...High blood pressure and throat closing up?
I am only 24 and have been dealing with high blood pressure since December this year. I'm not one to take medical advise from internet, but i have to get some thoughts.

Yesterday, of course, again, i had high blood pressure. 150/110
Later on that evening, i was feeling a weird discomfort in my chest and my throat felt like it was closing up. I couldn't breathe 100% right and it was a very uncomfortable feeling. Still till this morning... i feel this discomfort. When i swallow, i feel a weird feeling in my chest.

I went to the doctor several times... they put me on meds, then took me off.... I went again last week since i was feeling weird pain/ discomfort in my chest, and they didn't do anything for me. The doctor told me that its not high enough to give me heart problems and that he isn't going to put me on any meds. I then passed by my primary care doctor and he told me that there isn't much to do since it isn't SUPER high. (Meaning its not in the 200's)

So today, still... i feel this weird ... pain? not really pain but more discomfort.

Anyone experience this before? What should I do? My doctors don't really seem to have a solution for my problem..

Colleen Krawitz
You should use norvasc, it is the best about it you can get information from here http://webmd17.notlong.com/AAgOl8t

Stop obsessing about it. Your probably experiencing an anxiety attack. 150/110 is boarder line and if they choose not to treat it, its in all likelihood white coat syndrome. Blood pressure varies from one point in time to another. If your feeling discomfort, take an over the counter pain reliever and see if that helps

Hmm, is the pain constant? If it comes and goes, I'd venture a guess at panic attacks. Are you under a great deal of stress? If you aren't satisfied with your current doctor, seek another opinion. Every insurance company allows for this. They want you well so that they don't have to pay out big claims! LOL

Good luck.

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