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 is it possible to die from anxiety attacks/panic attack or get an heart problem?
iv'e Been reading on the internet and on some website's says that you can die from anxiety in ur older ages around 30,40,50+ from an heart problem and heart attack/stroke is it possible to ...

 is cardiac muscle in the brain?
i know it is in the heart but is it in the brain too?...

 Blood pressure problem? Need help?
So anyways throughout the day my blood pressure average is 110/65 now when it comes to night my blood pressure drops to 105/60 to 105/65 and sometimes when im about to sleep it goes to 97/63 ...

 Heart attack?! Please answer!!!?
The left side of my chest is hurting a little bit... and... well that's pretty much it. Well It's been hurting for an hour or something now. But the pain isn't all that bad... it'...

 My 87 year old dad has 90% blockage of the arteries?
He has had two heart attacks. He has Congestive Heart Failure. The doctors said he is not a good candidate for bypasss surgery due to his age, his chronic bronchitis and overall health. So how long ...

 how does open heart surgery affect your life later? what about play wrestleing and stuff of that nature?

 Is it possible to get heart disease at the age of 14?
once in a while i have heart/chest pains (like something's squeezing my heart). i feel it when i'm running, after i finish running, or even when i haven't exercised and i'm just ...

 how much does it cost to be seen by a caridiologist?
if you pay yourself? for just a check up? and if you have all your test there with you so he can go over them with me? I plan on having all my tests done by my family physician prior to being seen by ...

 TIA or Mini Stroke advice please?
Hi my dad had a mini stroke last night had facial syptoms and loss of speech also his right arm was very heavy and weak he went to hospital the stroke itself only lasted 5-10 mins and he got his ...

 heart problems help please?
okay everytime i eat something my heart starts to hurt from a varies of 5-20 minutes but it only happens after i eat ramon noodles, hamburger helper or mcdonalds stuff like that any suggestions? is ...

 Is this an okay blood pressure?
I'm a 17 male, and borrow and health rate monitor machine for the weekend. I just took my blood pressure and it was 131/48. Is that a good blood pressure? It seems odd the systolic is a little ...

 How do you know if you've had a heart attack?
im just curious because ive had serious chest pains,but not often and I DONT GO TO DOCTORS SO DONT PUT THAT,please.(i cant afford that) I get this pain in my chest sometimes like a knife is being ...

 how can i comfort my boyfriend who has a heart condition?
my boyfriend has a heart condition, im not sure what the name of it is, but it causes him a lot of pain, a very slow heart beat, makes him feel faint and causes his face to become very pale. how ...

 Fast heart rate but low blood pressure?
My heart rate tends to run a little high - upwards of 100-110 bpm, while my blood pressure is a bit low.. usually around 90/60. I understand that this can be related, with the low blood pressure ...

 Can you get a heart attack?
What physical problems may come with holding in your despair, sadness, sorrow, and anger from a father that verbally abuses you?...

 I just measured my mothers blood pressure and its Systolic 150 and Diastolic 42 is this bad?
I checked it 15 minutes later and its Systolic 180 and Diastolic 70 is this bad?...

 Blood pressure at a young age?
hi, i have just turned 24 and have been dealing with blood pressure problems since i was 18. i have lost approximately 25 pounds to this date. i am also on medication for blood pressure. during the ...

 Heart rate always above 100?
I am only 22, in decent shape, and my heart rate is always over 100. I can feel it beating all day, and I always feel tired. I need to know what to do? I cannot see a doctor at the moment bc of ...

 I am 31 years old and have history of hypertension.Sometimes when stressed I have kind of panic attacks.?
During panic attacks my pulse rate increases to 128/132 and gradually decreases to 80 after panic attack is over.I have done an ecg and resting bpm is 104 and says sinus tachycardia with LVH.I used ...

 Why Does my heart hurt all the time?
Well my heart hurts all the time and often has palpatations..its very scary and my left arm feels funny not numb or fuzzy it just feels like..heavy(sometimes) But i went to emerg three times over it ...

104/78 blood pressure?
Is that a bad blood pressure for a 16 year old girl? I had just taken 600mg of advil if that means anything. And my left side of my chest has been hurting. Should I be concerned? Also, I have been REALLY shaky on my right side, though not on my left. And my right side hurts bad.

hi ,friend ,your blood pressure is normal, please stop to have advil,and I suggest that you should consult to doctor for health advice.

You're blood pressure is fine. However, I would be concerned with your chest but doubt it's related to your bp.

ok thats kind of a bad blood pressure so go see a doc

nope your blood pressure is super.

thats a normal blood pressure.

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