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 How to heal an broken ankle as fast as POSSIBLE?
Hi my name is jada i am thirteen i broke my ankel the september 21st and got surgery on september 28th. So i have been in a cast for four days. In my surgery they had to reset it so they put me to ...

 Any scoliosis treatment?
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So im 18 years old goin on on 19. I have been smoking since i was 14. I really want to quit within the month before my fiance come back from Iraq. I smoke a lot. About a pack a day. Any tips on how ...

 If I hit you in the leg as hard as I could right now would there instantly be a bruise there?
sorry, i meant for the header of the question to be "how fast does a bruise form?" lol (10 characters long)...

 What type of doctor thats check adults private parts?
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 How can i fall asleep quickly?

 What could I possibly have?
I've been sick since August with either a cold or the flu(it's mainly been a cold). The last couple of weeks I've been tired. I take a 3 hour nap, wake up and feel as if I haven't ...

 I am getting my ears piriced in a week i am not good with pail but i dont want to back out WILL IT HURT?
when i said will it hurt i ment will it hurt bad? plz plz help me i freak out but i know it doesn't hurt wat should i do to calm myself i am getting it done at the docters. when i said will it ...

 I need kidney stone relief?

 Do i have carpal tunnel?
I'm on my computer a lot during the day and my right hand (the one i hold the mouse with) is starting to cramp. I've always been using a computer on a daily basis, for about 3 years now. T...

 how much co-codamol dose it take to have an over dose ?
if your 15 years of age and are 6stone and 11...

 How to stop the pain of lactic acid plllls help?
So, during P.E. yesterday my thighs started hurting after excercising, and now I can't even move ;( the teacher said it's a normal thing and just to wait for it to feel better, but i wanna ...

 Habit of staying up late?help?
Im 14 im a boy and i have this bad habit of staying up late (1am - 2am) any ways of combating this?...

 how to die in sleep without pain?

 really embarassing question :(?
i woke up this morning and i think i have a hammeroid (sp?) iv never had one before and it kinda hurts... its about the size of a pea how do i make it go away?? its so ...

 what does it mean when your feces' color is green?
please include medical and biochemical ...

 what are good ways to help you sleep?
i'm very tired and all, but it takes me ages to get to sleep, and i wake up early!...

 My foot has its period??!?
For the past 3 days my foot has been on its period. I have no where to stick a tampon so Its been using pads. But I'm running out so what do I do!?!!?!??!?! Please help....

 I have a really bad sunburn on my shoulders and chest how can i make it stop?
I've tried aloe vera, white vinager, cold baths, and tylonol. I can't stop shaking and all the advice i can find tell me to do what i'm doing and it doesn't seem to be working... ...

 why does pineapple hurt my stomach?
Whenever I eat pineapple or bananas my stomach really hurts....

Why do my joints crack so much?
I am 14 and have danced my whole life ( i dont know if this causes it ) I can crack - my fingers - my wrists - my neck - my feet - my toes I am going to the doc tom. is there anything they can prescribe me ?

Most likely that is a form of cancer

Jjj Jjj
Cracking your bones may feel nice at first, but it accumulates stress on the bones, making them weaker and more susceptible to break. You should see your doctor but theirs not much you can do except for getting bone replacement surgery.

Big D
Joints that are easily cracked can be a result of a rare form of bone cancer. I would suggest getting it check out immediately

Your joints crack because if ligament weakness in certain parts of the body that have been under duress of physical aggrivation.You say your a "dancer"...if you were say a ballerina ,im just assuming.You most likely will have knee pain or lower joint back aggrivation.You can crack your boines but its actually NOT cracking your WEAKINING the joint areas.If this persists you can have a plethera of long term joint paralysis in the latter years.

It may be because you are growing still. It's very normal. If you think you're done growing, there still may not be anything wrong...but it's good that you are going to the doctor. Not sure if they will prescribe you anything though.

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