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 burned finger!!?
about an hour ago i burned two of my fingers on a hot pan. ive been running cold water on it but it still burns and i have a small blister on both off them. whatshould i do???...

 If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea...Does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?

 What relives your headache?
My head has been hurting for 2 days ...

 Will it get infected?
Me and my friend was climbing an iron fence, you know, those kinds with the criss-crossing wires. On the top of the fence, a few of those wires stood up and while jumping over it, I got scratched. T...

 How do you remove a splinter non-painfully?
My friend told me a good way but I forgot it. I think it was like let wax dry over it then peel the wax off and it will take the splinter with it. I don't know if it will work. Any other useful ...

 How do I get this "raw feeling" to go away from under my nose?
For the last two days I've had a terrible cold consisting of alot of sneezing & blowing my nose . From wiping my nose so much, under my nose is raw and red & it hurts . How can I get rid ...

 Please, please, please help!! I hurt my pinkie finger!?
so today I had a basketball game and I shot the ball in but it just bounced on the basket so I put my hands up and that's when the ball came down and scrunched my finger together. Now it hurts ...

 im bleeding and i cant stop it !?
ok so i was in art messing around and i was holding a sharp small scalpel and i stabed my self (by accident) i put an bandage on it but it wont stop bledding should i go to the hostpital ?...

 I 'm not sure if this will be posted but I've got to ask excactly what color should your seamen be???
My seamen used to be white but lately it's been a yellow'ish color should I be concerned!!!...

 my nose wont stop bleeding?
it happens randomly
i dont do anything to provoke it
like blowing or anything
its just happens in the randomessttt of times....

 how long does it take stitches to heal?
i got like 25 stitches on my foot. how long will it take for my foot and stitches to heal???...

 Why am i Bleeding from my ear?
a few nights ago i went to bed with ear ache. it hurt quite a bit but then when i was half asleep it started itching inside so i scratched (gently) then later on about 2 o clock the pain was terrible ...

 My left eye is watery with slight pain but is not turning pink. What's wrong?
The tearing up and small pain started yesterday.(as of the time i type this) I thought it'd go away by the morning. So when I woke up today it was less watery w/ no pain but worsened over the ...

 Why does skin (on my hand) not burn if boiling water (straight from a kettle) is poured onto it?
( it was an accident not on purpose but i noticed that it hadn't burnt although my research stated that skin can burn at lower temperatures....

 Food went into lungs? Possible?
I know that normally, when one swallows food, a flap of skin presses over the trachea to prevent food/liquids from entering. However, I was eating cheerios today, and I began coughing violently when ...

 How do you know when you need stitches?

 does getting cut again in the same place where another cut hasn't healed yet make it more likely to scar?
i know that picking a scab makes it more likely to have a scar, but if there's not a scab, but just new skin that hasn't all the way healed yet, will cutting the same spot again leave a ...

 Gave my son too much bleach, he's been coughing up blood all day.?
I gave my six year old son a cup of bleach to gargle because his throat hurt, he may have swallowed some.

Now he's been coughing and vomiting up blood all day, what should I do?...

 What happens if you don't remove a splinter?
I have something similar to a splinter in my finger except I don't think it's wood. I was unable to remove it and it is beneath the surface of my finger. If I leave it in, will my finger ...

 What is the best remedy for severe sunburn you can get over the counter?
My daughter is a medic in Afghanistan and unfortunately, medicines are limited. Her soldiers are getting sunburned in extreme hot weather and need fast relief from the burn and pain. Besides aloe ...

why do knee's crackle and shoulders pop?

because there is air like subtances between your bones just liek how you can crack your knuckels, its just a release of air.

That is the air bubbles in your bursa sack making noise. Popping a lot will later cause arthritis.

I'd heard it was nitrogen being released from joints. Not sure if that is feasible or not.

Ligaments stretching and cartiledge popping.

Empress ~of~Roam
If yours crackle and pop you should take a supplement of 1500 mg of glucosomine & condroitin to make your cartilidge healthier and promote its lubrication. Joint lube produced naturally by your cartilidge makes movements smooth and quiet. When producton slows, you get cracking and popping when you move. The supplement will help your body resume production. Good luck!

I DONT even know but thanks for the 2 points

It's typically your ligaments as they are stretching out and warming up. If the noise persists after movement and activity has begun, that's a potentially big problem.

知道 wo zhi dao
it's the noise of the synovial fluid transforming into gas in the joint capsule.

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