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I wasn't looking and I guessed where the curling iron was and I grabbed the wrong end and it was on high :O it burned my middle finger, ring finger, and pinkie and top of my palm...since its ...

 i don't want to sleep in afternoon.?
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 What is your bedtime routine?

 Should I exercise more? I am working out 4 times a week for 1/2hr -45 minutes?
Should I increase my schedule? I have lost 8 pounds in the last two months. I would like to lose more than 1 1b a week.
At least 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week. 15-20 minutes of strength ...

 im 5'2, 24 yrs, old mother of 2, and wanna lose 20lbs whats the fastest way to do it?

 My son has never been stung by a bee, and I'm worried.?
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 At what age do you think it's appropriate to try drinking?
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 A bee just stung me on my face?
Its on my cheek and VERY swollen. Any ideas on how to make the swelling go down.. I have plans tonight :(


 A knife sliced open the skin between my thumb & index finger,i see fatty tissue, will this heal w-out stitches
i was cutting a melon which was quite tough and the knife slipped and sliced open the skin between my thumb & index finger, i can see the fatty tissue, the cut is about an inch long.
im in T...

 Why do mosquitos bite me so frequently?
I recently moved to Thailand from America and I noticed that I attract mosquitos much more frequently than other foreigners. They will mainly bite my feet and ankles, or whatever exposed areas they ...

 Cure for the sting/burn of the stinging nettle?
Im going to go crazy!!! my brother fell in stinging nettle and ive tried calmine lotion and ive tried baking soda im going to lose my mind if he keeps crying help please!!!! Ill take ANYTHING...

what happens if you put salt on a cut?

it would burn on contact and then keep burning and hurting....it would not be a very bright thing to do to your self!

it hurts, but it is an antiseptic so if you are in a deserted island, put salt water on your cuts to prevent infection!

Ashley Y
stings liek crazy
but its disinfects it

You ever heard of the expression "Rubbing salt in one's wounds"? There's a reason why that's bad!

♥♥Live life to the full♥♥
It will sting!!!


ghost of spuds mackenzie
salt keeps the maggots away!

Kris L
Rubbing salt into a cut is actually a good thing. The salt 'hurts' when it's being put on, but it helps to relieve the pain, it stops the bleeding, and speeds up the healing process. Don't rub salt if you need stitches, though, because the salt can stop the healing from 'coming together' again with stitches.

brainy smurf
what happens is that it dries out the blood cells and this causes it to clot faster.
But it also stimulates all the nerve endings, so it burns and hurts and pains and every thing all rolled into one

it burns like a mother-fracker!!!

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