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 Can I get a blood clot from a bruise?
It doesn't hurt, but there's a little lump under the bruise....

 Help please! I recently got plugs. in my ears. the smallest size, but now my ears are infected and swollen....
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It get sore and itchy too...
What could this be?
Please Help!

thanx ...

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 emergency procedure to be followed in case of a heart attack?

 1 more question about my burn..?
yea.. i already poped the blister... didnt kno it was bad.. but.. its beginnign to hurt even more like its still burning... i can try water, but it will only calm it for a while. bandaid hurts more ...

 does depression affect weight gain?
ive been depressed for 6 mths now and even though i work out 2hrs a day i keep gaining weight. i have not been diagnosed and i take no ...

 Does anyone really have a cure for snoring? I've tried EVERYTHING from over the counter drugs to nasal strips.
I've tried EVERYTHING from over the counter drugs to nasal strips. I've tried inhalers, pills, sprays - nothing works! My wife is now sleeping on the couch - I even got her earplugs but she ...

 How come only your fingers and toes get wrinkly in the shower and nothing else does?

 Will Piracetam have any effects on Zoloft 50mg when taken together?
I take 1600mg of PIR twice a day for it's reported benifits....

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Does it really do wonders?...

 How can I report medical negligents?

 how many gallons of air does the average lung process a day?

 why is my eyesight getting worse. When i look at the sky i see so many eye pigments that i cant see well.?
Ive been feeling very weird latelly. My eyesight has gotten worse. I am 20 years old. When i drink alchohol, the next morning i feel even worse as my eyesight gets worse. Its not that it gets worse ...

 What exercises strengthen the sternocostalis muscle?
Mine is weak, apparently, because my sternum doesn't go down as far as it should. My physical therapist said controlled exhalations (like blowing up a balloon) will help. Are there any other ...

Tuwufu Blue
tick bite without knowing it?
i mean get bit without it burrowing into your skin?

↪ εlɨʓaɓεʈɧ
well ya, u just proved it

Anne T

Yes I had one before and didnt relize it until I took a shower. You usually dont feel them bite you.

mmmhmm, my sister has lyme's disease...doesn't remember anything about a tick at all.

Nate M
yeah you usually dont realize it unless you check yourself for them

It's how it is most of the time.
Have a Dr or someone who knows remove it; requires skill.

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