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 something is stuck in my throat how do I get it out??++?
I Can breath and I tried throwing up and nothing but spit came out..
I was eating steak and obviously swallowed wrong or to much at a time but it has been 3 hours!!! and if I even sip on water I ...

 How do I make the bleeding stop?! help!?
Ok so I had 4 cavities done yesterday and some gum cut around my back molars and it was perfectly fine yesterday. But then this morning I woke up to blood all over my face, sheets, and hands. (I ...

 how to help swimmers ear without going to the docter?
HELP!!!! I need to cure my swimmers ear before boat day witch is only 3 days away! I need a cure fast! Oh yeah and my ear is stuffy, red, itchy, and hurts just a little mostly annoying! I really don`...

 Giant sore in throat after purging, what can I do to heal it?
I know "stop purging" is the long term answer...

How can I deal/heal with a sore that is about 1 centimeter in diameter, right by my salivary gland? It's like the kind many ...

 swallowed a piece of glass?
I was eating a hamburger and i noticed something really hard in my mouth and i thought it might just be a burnt piece so i swallowed it. a few bites later the exact same thing happened only this ...

 What came out of my blister?
I have a blister from a burn on the palm of my hand, it's pretty big. I've had it for about a week. I popped it the day after I got it and have been squeezing juices out of it ever since. T...

 i think i got stung by a bee/ wasp in my sleep, help?
I think it was a wasp im not for sure i was sleeping and then i woke up from what ever it was, pretty sure its a bee cause we have wasp's living in our house. i got stung on my right for arm and ...

 Painful Ant Bite PLEASE HELP! Can't tell bug.?
I was bitten by an ant in a resturant today. I felt a burning, and then turned and held where is bit and was in a shock of the pain. Was one of the worst in the world. I then was bit between my ...

 Why is my mosquito bite bubbling?
I have a big bubbly mosquito bite. I have heard from sources that it may be a blister. I popped it and it keeps coming back! Help!...


 What can I do to unplug my ear?
it has been pluged now for over 2 weeks.
This has happened to me before, and the longest was a week.
I don't know what to do.
Is there a home apathetic remedy I can use, or ...

 Why is my Bee Sting Swelling Just Now?
I got stung by a bee last week for the first time and it only started swelling a week later. Is this normal? What should I do?...

 would it be safe to get my second hole on my ear lobe pierced?

 How to relieve sunburn pain besides aloe vera?
I have terrible sunburn all down the back of my legs, so I can't walk, and can only sit. I've used half a bottle of aloe vera since yesterday. I've put wet rags under my legs, and I...

 Sunburn Question...........?
I recently got a sunburn covering my stomach, thighs, arms, and some of my face. Today, it started peeling in large pieces across my stomach. It didn't hurt, and I got rid of the large pieces ...

 Is my ear piercing infected? Can it still get infected after about 4 weeks?
I got my second hole pierced around 4 weeks ago.
My left ear began to hurt today a little before school let out and it is just the back of my ear, not the front. My ear was a bit red and it ...

 Can you get ear damage from headphones getting ripped out of your ears?

 I had an accident with my toenail?
By accident, my toenail goes up a little. At that time it was bleeding too much. Now it becomes quite weak and very inconvenient for me, like when I go somewhere quite crowded, then i need to watch ...

 i got frost bite from on ice bag, how do you cure it?
i was putting ice on my elbow and i wasnt paying attention and left it on too long. After I took it off, I had a burn on my arm....

 wore high heels... now raw skin. what to do?
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Anyways, i'm 15 years old and i wore high heels on the first day of school (i had worn them before, i wear heels all the time). So, ...

nose bleed, won't stop bleeding.. help?
my boyfriend has high blood pressure and heart conditions. he got a nose bleed spontaneously at work a couple of hours ago.. and had to go home because it wouldn't stop. i know it's not due to allergies or an allergic reaction, and i've done everything i know of to help him. i placed a cold compress on the bridge of his nose and applied pressure but it's not working.. what do i do? thanks

have him lay on his back with his head hanging off the bed!

lay your head back and pinch it with a napkin.

<3 B2B <3
I would take him to the doctor. If it won't stop, obviously he's losing some blood. And the fact that he has a high bp is concerning.
Good luck!

Pinch down at the end of the nose- I wouldn't tilt your head back- that'll make the blood go down your throat. So, tilt your head slightly forward, and pinch the nostrils right at the end, until it stops!
Feel Better

hold his nose just right under the bone for 10-15 min it will sure stop b/c my cousin is a nurse and she says thats the spot to stop it GOODLUCK

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