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little monkey
my stitches really hurt - is this normal?
I had an operation on my arm 2 weeks ago and obviously it hurt at the time but then the pain went off a bit - now I feel like someone's pulling my stitches and my arm is sore and throbbing. I cant get an appointment with the hospital for ages so booked a doctors appointment but they havent removed the gauze strip yet so they wont be able to see the stitches anyway. Help! what should I do?

I'm not surprised it's hurting, the stitches should be out by now the skin has healed and the sutures are still in. I hope the dressing has been changed in the two weeks since surgery. Why have you left it so long?? Take off the dressing put on a clean one and get to the Dr and tell him the sutures should have been removed almost a week ago, don't let them tell you that you have to wait it's long overdue NOW. Just do it.

GO TO THE DOCTOR! It sounds like you might have an infection. I have had tons of surgeries including heart and mouth surgery and they have NEVER hurt after about a week unless im using that part of my body moving the stitches. But if your just sitting still and it still hurts go have it checked out you might have an infection and trust me you DONT want that. Hope this helps! -jacobs1019

At this stage I wouldn't be too concerned, I can appreciate that it is probably hurting and causing you discomfort but it is probably just a sign that your wound is healing. When you did your injury there would have been a lot of swelling and the stitches would have been done over the swelling. Now that the swelling has gone down the skin is probably being pulled really tightly by your skin and causing you pain. You have had these stitches in for two weeks and your body is trying to heal so your skin is probably trying to grow over the stitches which is causing you more discomfort. It will all be ok, but get checked out by your doctor for your own piece of mind.

Hi, hope you arent in too much pain. I would advise you that you should expect pain after your operation after all this is the body healing but your symptoms sound to me like a possible infection espically if the area looks inflamed/red, is hot to the touch and the pain has increased. I would tell you to not touch it further, take painkillers as a tempory mesure and make a docotrs appointment asap, if this is not possible contact nhs direct or better still pop along to the A and E department who will more than likley see you quickly with your operation history. Best of luck

you dr should remove the gauze strips and check the stitches to make sure an infection has not set in. Normally they don't hurt but after a while, they start itching. If only itching, it's healing well. Make the dr look at it and verify no infection.

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