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mike s
is your stomache supposed to move up and down when you breathe?
i don't understand...when i breathe in..my stomache goes out,when i breathe out..my stomach goes in,is that normal?..i'm really concerned.should i go to the doctor?

Holiday Magic
Yes, it is normal. You can see it if you watch a baby (or anyone) else while they're sleeping. It's not really the stomach that's moving (though it looks like it), but the intake and output of air is related to the lungs and diaphragm.

see a doctor IMMEDIATELY

Yes. It's notreally your stomach, it's your diaphragm expanding & contracting as you inhale(expanding your lungs as you fill them) and exhale.

its quite normal....its ur diaphragm it just means u r taking bigger breathes its how singers control their breathing so they can hold those really long notes.....take a deep breathe and let it out slowly and c how long u can go for

just your diaphragm

Rosie Young
That is your diaphram, the big sheet of muscle which makes your lungs inflate and deflate.

If you study any breathing techniques, they all stress belly breathing over ribcage breathing. So you are doing it right without even knowing it.

It is absolutely normal. I did not think about it until I did it and mine is the same.. perfectly normal so NOT TO WORRY !!!

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