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 i got poison ivy , does anybody know any madication for that?

 how do i get rid of a mosquito bite on my foot?
its red in the middle and swollen
not that big but it bothers when i walk
feels like my foot jiggles ..heh
but what can i do to make the swelling go down?...

 How do you get rid of a splinter ?
I have a splinter in my hand . It has been there three days . I tried using tweezers but nothing worked , any tricks ?...

 which is the best instant medication to stop bleeding from minor cuts?

 I burnt my Thumb with an iron what shoud i do? (this happened like 2 min ago)?
it really hurts !!!
i thought that the iron was off so i pushed it away and burnt my thumb. :( what can i do to make it stop hurting i have it in cold water right now but what else can i do?????...

 How do you cure a hang over?
Actually, what do you do to get rid of hat still drunk feeling after a night of drinking?...

 How can I relieve sinus pressure?

 my eye is swolen how do i get it down?

 What are the nurses occupational hazards (including safety and first aid)?
i need this for my health care report.. i'm so helpless.. i just feel lazy... can u plz provide answers for me?? plzzzzz... ^_^...

 What would you do if you were taken by someone you didn't know. They **** you and made them watch you while **

 What's the best way to treat a splinter?
I got a splinter in my finger. :(( What's the best way to treat it? Leave it alone? Dig it out with a needle? Leave it in an hope it comes out? Put ice on it? Or say the heck with it and ...

 how do you calm yourself when you are hyperactive?

 What should you do if you feel like you may have swallowed a small flat piece of glass on accident?
I was drimking a glass of water and my lip got scratched on a chip on the lip of the glass. A couple of seconds later I felt a sharp scratching slowly go down my throat and into my chest. I didnt ...

 Have you ever had a dream that has effected you all day? That it seemed so real you keep thinking about it?

 has anyone recently lost a family member to cancer?
i lost my daddy a few months ago. he had lung cancer which had spread to the brain. It all happened so fast. I was just minutes away from seeing him in his final moments, but i guess fate wanted ...

 How can i get rid of my swollen eyelid?
the top of my eyelid is swollen and it hurts how can i get rid of ...

 Self-harm cuts bleeding for two weeks? =S?

My friend self-harms, on her arm. The cuts have been bleeding now for two and a half weeks, like almost non-stop. She doesn't think she hit a vein.

Why would this ...

 Sinus infection? *some nasty, graphic details (sorry)*?
I think I may have a mild sinus infection. I've felt like I had a cold and have been blowing out a non stop stream of CLEAR, thick, slightly bloody snot since Friday. I've read up on it and ...

 I want to get a blood test and I am 14 years old, how much chance do I have on an 100% scale to have something?

 My finger is infected, next to the nail, and its still closed, how should i get the pus out? Using a pushpin?
I have a small infected finger and the white is next to my nail. Its kind of turning green :O and its red around it. Should i just use a pin to puncture it and get the pus out? or what. Please help =(...

i started taking Prozac, what should i expect?

my opinion is that prozac is not the best anti depressent as it is very addictive, it takes a long time to enter your system and when it does you feel really lazy and sluggish and can't be bothered with anything. I also suffered panic attacks as a side effect. coming off them was like going cold turkey. I am now on Trifluoperazine 1mg every night which is not addictive but just calms me down before bed and I feel much better.

There is no real answer as different things work for different people. My wife tried everything until she found Prozac. Before Prozac, she slept for 14-20 hours a night, had high anxiety, prone to panic attacks and irrationality. Now she's the most level-headed person I know!

However, she will be on it for the rest of her life. Usually, coming off Prozac is dangerous and has many possible and probable bad effects, however she is quite happy to stay on them her whole life. And I am happy with that too. There's no complications with other medications or with having children. Since starting to take it, we have had two wonderful children, both of which were breastfed and are thriving.

As with all medications, it may not work for some people, and some people may experience ill effects. Personally, I've found it to be a bit of a miracle drug and advocate it wholeheartedly.

your drinking will go to hell to the point where there isn't a point in drinking

It takes at least 2 weeks before you really feel it is helping you. However, in the meanwhile you can have some strange or unusual sensations (dry mouth etc) but nothing to worry about.
Don't stop all at once or without medical advice.

Headache, difficulty sleeping and stomach upset are the most common side effects. It will also take a few weeks to really kick in so don't worry if you don't feel better right away. Make sure to keep your doctor up to date on how well it is working for you.

Obviously, every person is different with Prozac. As you are aware it is used to replace serotonin in the brain. It can take up to 3 to 6 weeks to be fully in effect. At first you could find that you're tired which can be from the drug but is also associated with depression. When the drug is fully in your system, you will usually find that you are able to handle day to day matters a little easier. Do not expect the world to become a wonderful place because of this drug. Trust me, you wouldn't want that for yourself. It will just make your coping skills a little better and if you are taking it for compulsive disorder, it might help you in dealing with that. All the best of luck and remember, after a period of time, if that drug does not work there are others to try. Happiness comes from within, but, other factors (other people) can make that pretty difficult.

First and most important: EVERYONE reacts to these medications differently, so other people's experiences may not reflect the way you will react.
It takes a while (again, different for everyone) to feel the full effects and sometimes you can have side-effects that only last a short while or don't come on right away.
Most common are things like changes in appetite (could increase or decrease), headaches, changes in libido (also could increase or decrease), possible light-headedness (usually goes away after time), and changes in sleep (some people get amped up some get sleepy).
THE most important thing to do is keep in touch with your Doctor and report & discuss anything you feel is unusal. If this prescription was given to you by a Family physician, it is extremely important to see a Psychiatrist who specializes in these types of problems...too many family doctors are prescribing drugs like this when it really is the job of a Psychiatrist trained in the specialty.
ALSO: keep in mind there ARE other drugs in the same family as Prozac, so if this drug doesn't help or you can't tolerate it DO NOT give up hope.
I started on Prozac and could not handle the side effects...I am now on Paxil, almost identical to Prozac chemically but easier for my body to tolerate.
These are truely weird meds.
Best of luck and hang in there, you are not alone.

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