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 Hands cracking and bleeding? And how to stop washing?
It's been happening lately and I'm guessing it's from washing too much. I wash my hands way too much now. Today I washed them over ten times. I can't help myself, I just have to. I...

 Do I Have An Ear Piercing Infection?
6 days ago I got my ears pierced and have been cleaning them at least 3 times a day. I wipe off the front, then the back, then squeeze some cleaner onto my ear, slide the earring, twist it around, ...

 What are the type of bites you cam get in a house besides bed bugs?

 how to drain fluid in the ear and treat ear infection?
my 11months old son keep having fluid and ear infection in both his ear for over two months but all his DR. do is given him antibiotic one after another but the fluid never dry up so he keep having ...

 Can wearing a backpack aggravate a herniated disc?!?!?
I have cervical herniated disc ( c disc). The injury resulted from weightlifting. It is not serious enough to require surgery. Will wearing a backpack at school stop or slow the healing process.. ...

 Alternatives for Ipecac syrup?
I know about people abusing it and why they no longer sell it. It's a shame that you can't buy just one bottle. I don't need a large supply.

The reason why I'm looking ...

 Is it possible to have a burn and not know it?
One morning about 2 day's after I straightened my own hair with the instyler I was wearing a strapped dress about to go to the store with my parents and my mom pointed out a round dark brown ...

 how can you treat a bee sting ?
i got stung by a bee two days ago on my ring finger on the top part. now its swollen all the way to the middle half. and it feels hot and since its swollen i can barely bend or use it... when i got ...

 I swallowed a Flinestones vitamin and...?
it got lodged in my throat, but oddly enough it wasn't like I was choking...it was just uncomfortable. I keep drinking water hoping to dilute it/dislodge it and it doesn't feel like its ...

 My big toenail is bleeding?
the other day something landed on my big toe and it was hurting so I took my sock off and it was filled with blood and blood was coming from under the nail and its been like 3 days and it hurts ...

 my nose has bled a little non stop for 2 days, i have used up a whole box of tissues but it still bleeds, help?
i suffer from anorexia and have anemia, i am wondering if that has anything to do with it? thank ...

 Breathed in chemicals headache and dizzy?
I was cleaning for like an hour at work
with bleach water and windex and then hand sanitizer.
Anyways, I breathed in a bunch of it and now my head hurts bad and I keep getting really dizzy....

 I just stepped on a nail on a piece of timber on the floor, should I see a doctor?
I am a volounteer for St John Ambulance Australia. I know First Aid.
As soon as I stepped on a nail, I quickly lifted my foot up. The nail went directly into my foot. It was just my natural ...

 My mom's hand keeps bleeding? She got a small cut, what should I do?
It won't stop bleeding and she says its itchy around the cut....

 Stitches for open cuts?
is there some kind of special needle and thread used for open cuts? and if there is where can i buy them?...

 can I use clindamycin gel on an ear piercing infection?
I pierced it myself and it's in ...

 How to treat second degree burn. HELP NOW.?
How do I treat my minor second degree burn?

I have ran cold water over it, which turned warm.

Now. I do not have a cloth or sterile gauze.


 Vch aftercare tips? please help!?
I got my vch piering.4days ago and the piercer gave me provon which a medical hand soap and since I have a hoop I turn it when I'm cleaning it which causes the soap to get n my piercing but it ...

 what is cpr something to do with resuscitation?
i heard about cpr but i dont know what the acronym means or how to perform it. if i need it some day i won't be able to help....

 What is this small bubble on my finger?
i was outside in the cold pressing something with my thumb. when my thumb got its feeling back a small bubble or somehing formed... what is it? and should i pop it?...

i cut my finger on a grater!!?
i was grading choclate and i accidentaly sliped and cut my finger on it. i cut it around. 2:59 and now its 3:21 and still bleeding?? its not coming out alot but slowly it comes out. is that normal???

Did you put pressure on it and a bandaid, and wash it?

When I cut my finger on a grater, it was bleeding a lot. I put pressure on it and kept the pressure on it. It still was bleeding for a long time, but stopped eventually. Washing it and putting iodine or something antiseptic on it is a good idea too, to prevent infection.

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