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 how to heal this cut?
I have a cut on my chin and it's in a place where whenever I flex it in a certain way the cut breaks open (though it doesn't bleed). I've been doing everything I can think of to heal ...

 Mosquito bite on tendon?
I think I have a mosquito bite on a tendon in my ankle. I itched it today, which was ok I guess, it burned, and I'd say that now probably 2 inches of my tendon is swollen 12 hours ...

 A wasp bit my finger in the early morning, it is swollen I killed it? does it an act of evil?

 i burnt my finger doing a spell...?
i was doing a kissing spell and i burnt my finger what do i do for it to not ...

 How to prevent infection on a finger wound?
Last thing I need right now is for this thing to get infected....

 How can i reduce the redness of sunburn by tomorrow night?
I'v already tried aloe vera gel, and its not doing that much. I tried foundation but because i had dry skin on my nose its not helping! What can i do to get rid of it?...

 Why does my ear "ring" for a while then goes away?
It is really annoying. It is usually my right ear that rings for a couple of seconds, and I cannot hear anything from my right ear....

 What can I do - I mixed bleach with some laundry detergents, my hands got burnt and I feel breathless?
we're no strangers to love
you know the rules and so do i
a full commitment is what im thinking of
you wouldn't get this from any other guy
i just wanna tell you how im ...

 my finger still hurts after i pulled out the splinter!?
i completely pulled it out, but it's really red and really hurts....

 The inside of my nose has been burning badly lately.. feels as though there is a cut inside or something?
So for the past month basically the inside of my left nostril has been burning, and it feels as though there is a cut in it. Actually it kinda feels like how your nose gets when you have a cold and ...

 do they have neon green for cast colors?
i am getting a cast and i need to know alll the exsact cast colors also if they have neon ...

 help me please! what should i do?
i just got bitten by a mosquito about two days ago and a couple hours later, my elbow/arm began to swell a lot. now , it has spread almost through out my arm. i tried ice, but it doesnt really work. ...

 Is my ear infected and when will it heal?
I pierced my ear at least a week ago on my own, but it continues to have serious pain. Its not red at all but it does bleed regular blood with no puss now and then. Is it infected? Also how long will ...

 Surgically Removing a Splinter?
Today I was walking on a deck when a MASSIVE splinter got caught in my foot. My mom tried getting the splinter out, but it wouldn't move so now I have to go to the hospital. I've never gone ...

 What can I give my 5 year old daughter for her ear infection?
My daughter has a doctors appointment until tomorrow, but she is complaining that her ear hurts, does anyone know what is good to give her for some releif?...

 My left ear seems to be Bleeding?
I cleaned my ear last night after a shower , my q tip had blood all over it . did it again this morning and still blood on the q tip . My ear does have a slight pain ,but nothing bad . what could be ...

 leave or take out gauges. [bleeding ear]?
ahh. so i was at a 12 for like 1 week and something.. and i put in an 8 on accident and after realizing what i did i Just put in the 10 but today my ear was throbbing
and when i got home i took ...

 a question about anaphylaxis?
Alright so i know this is the most serious type of allergic reaction and the proper medical cure is epinephrine, however say that i was with a friend and he started to have a bad reaction to ...

 Will alcohol clean a wound?
Let's say you get your arm sliced open on a rock or something and all you got is some bottled booze, whiskey, rum, i don't know, something. Will pouring it on the wound actually do the job ...

 Can you go swimming with stitches? is a waterproof pad enough?
My doctor said that after 5 days i could go swimming, which was on saturday. now going to thursday its has been 5 days and to dont get them out until next wednesday. is it okay to swim, even with a ...

how to get rid of a splinter in your foot?

Use a sewing needle that's been dipped in alcohol to get it out of your foot, if it's under the skin; or use tweezers if part of it is sticking out

You can soak your foot in warm water, then try removing it with tweezers. Before you use them- disinfect them before you use them though. Then after you remove it put a band- aid on it with neosporin. This should help. If you cant get it out like this- the splinter is under your skin. Get peroxide and pour it on a sewing needle, or safety pin, and try to pull it out with that. Again, put neosporin and a band-aid on it to keep out infection.
Hope I helped

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