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how much does syrup of ipecac cost?
i was looking online for syrup of ipecac and i found an average price of $70 for 1 oz. does that sound about right?

NO! It should be like three dollars at Walgreens.

three bucks at walmart

3 or 4$ at any drug store.

Its cheaper to stick your finger down your throat.

Do Not Buy Ipecac!!! You Must Be a professional To Use It Overdose Of Ipecac Syrup Can Result In Severe Damage to the Heart. In Some States You Must Have A Physicians Or EMS Pharmacology License To Purchase. I Would Recommend Using Activated Charcoal. Depending On What Your Using It For Get A Professional To Perform The Procedure.

David D
www.besttopanswers.com on the web is offering it for @.2.dollars per oz. looks like a rip off of the first ordeer wher you were pricingf it.

not only is that totally outpriced, but ipecac is very dangerous. it can actually kill you.

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