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Shelby w
how far can you go into your ear to clean it out?

Gypsy C
you should never go into the ear canal as the wax helps protect your ear drum

Holly S
push the qp till you feel slight discomfort only you know how far

You should seriously not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. That means NOTHING should ever go into your ear canal. You could do some serious damage to your ear drum by accidently perforating it and you actually are pushing the ear wax down farther into your ear canal. Your body will expel the ear wax when it needs to. If you don't like the feeling of water in your ears take the corner of your towel and gently blot your ear until it feels like the water is out. You can also set a hairdryer on low cool and dry your ears that way.

You shouldn't use q tips for cleaning the inside of your ears only the outside. If you insert the q tip into your ear it can push the wax back into the ear canal which then can cause problems. My doc has always said to use a dry face cloth on your pinky and that is as far into your ear you should go

Not to far. In fact, you should only go around the edge. Wax protects your ear from permanent damage. Most doctors suggest that the smallest thing you put in your ear is your pinky wrapped in a damp towel.

I use Q-tips, can't stand that feeling after my shower until I use one, I have heard we should put nothing smaller than our elbow in our ear! Right....

until your finger touches your brain

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