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I burnt myself? HELP? URGENT!?
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[ADD] myspace.com/onedoteighteendotoheight_...

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 Any good treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

 What is a splinter????????? HELP?
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how does buggers form in the nose?
what does the build up of goo come from,and is there a good cause for it?

Mickey Fangirl
see, when dust or something like that gets in your nose, it usually gets trapped by the nose hairs, but sometimes it gets past them, so your body surrounds it with goo, and wha-la! you have a booger!

Mucus is provided by your body (in the nose) in order to catch any particles or dust that you may breath in so that it doesn't reach your lungs.

Here ya go, pics and everything!


hard headed diabectic
its called like and no good to eat them

Its boogers and your nose is a way of cleaning the air you breath. Don't eat them thats just gross they are candy beans

It's there for when you are hungry

You have small, fine hairs in your nose and lungs as a filtration system to keep anything unhealthy from getting in. Unfortunately, the hairs, to do their job, are very moist and sticky, like fly paper. Eventually, there is a build up of waste, and you sneeze (nose) or cough (lungs) to clear it out. Then you grow new hairs and start again.
This is why smokers are constantly coughing. And why they get lung cancer when they've overloaded their lungs filtering system.

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