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x grainne x
how do you know if your child is allergic to bee stings?
i have a 3month old baby and i would like to know how to handle the situation if he was stung, and also how do you know if your child is allergic before it should happen?

Prosecutor Edgeworth
Well, a blood test can test for a likelihood of allergic reaction but won't give you a definite yes or no. But good girl! You are being really smart, some children can have fatal allergic reactions to bee stings and not get Epinephrine in time! Your kid is so lucky!

I hope this hasn't happened to your baby. Prevention is better than cure so 'hellonlegs' suggestion is very good. If it was my baby and it does happen then, with a baby of this age I would get him to A&E as soon as you can. If the red blotches start to appear and baby's breathing seems at all stange after the attack DO NOT HESITATE TO DIAL 999. Do not come onto the net to find out what to do - babies have a very nasty habit of crashing very very quickly and you MUST consider it a medical emergency. Sorry if this raises your level of anxiety but this is a very serious issue. You are absolutely right to think of it before it happens and just shows you are a thoughtful parent. Have you thought about getting First Aid training you will be able too deal with your growing child's cut, bumps and bruises in the future too. Good luck to you and baby.

Ms Dani
The signs are different in different people , the most common are. 1. Swelling under the eyes. 2. Swelling & pain in the glands under the arms cup. 3. swelling & pain in the thiey joints. 4. Fever with shivering.

Usually swelling of the body, lips turning blue, redness of the face. Trouble breathing, swollen throat & neck, gasping for breathe. Blotchy red & purple marks on the legs. You should be able to buy a net of some sort to place over your son's pram/pushchair to prevent an insects from stinging him, if you can't then you could make one yourself by using an old net curtain & some elastic. Sew the elastic onto the sides of the net curtain, leaving enough elastic to stretch under the pram/pushchair, whilst the hood is up. Good Luck. X :-)

Crazy Horse
A doctor can do an allergy test on most things. If he is, then the doc will prescribe you an epi pen in case of stings. My husband had to carry one on him at all time for his daughter. She's still allergic, but not to bees, milk products and certain trees. The allergy sufferer goes into anaphalactic shock and could die if it is a true allergy and the epi pen reduces the risk of death by injecting medicine inside the body at great speed.

darriel mcb62
well i would visit your doctor .ask him or her to test your baby first .some coff .swell vomit .faint. choke.. get your doctor to show you first dont wait to it happens at home .get info first ..then you will be at your doctors if any bad signs happen ..

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