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 What to do if somebody plays sports (eg rugby), gets tackled, and says they cant move their leg?
It is possible that they broke it, how do you aid them?...

 I burnt my fingernail and the top of it gone yellow what do i do?
Well i burnt my finger nail with a match and the very tip went yellow will it go away if not how do i get rid of ...

 What is the proper way to remove my infected toe by myself?
My toe is infected. I don't have insurance but I do have ice and steak knives. I imagine I won't bleed to death from just a toe. Is knife the best way to go or are there better options ...

 best thing for slide burns?
we had practice yesterday and i didn't think i needed to wear my Sliding shorts because it was just a practice. so my coach decided to let us play a minni game. so i hit the ball and got on base,...

 bee sting swelling 1 week later?
i got a bee sting about a week ago and when i got it it did the normal swelling and hurting. and then the next day it was fine. but this morning when i woke up it was really really itching and ...

 Bee sting, finger swollen!?
So yesterday I was stung by a bee on my left middle finger. I've been stung before (2 times) and no reactions besides a tad bit of pain and itching but this sting hurt really badly for no ...

 Insect bite - what to do, what is this?
On Sunday I was bitten by a deer fly in three different places - the worst being on my back.
The bite on my back had swollen to the size of a quarter, about, and according to some, looked a ...

 Will calamine lotion help stop the spread of poison ivy?
What does it do for it?...

 How long does it take for a cut inside your mouth to heal?
For example, "micro-cuts" on the tongue, cheeks, roof of the mouth, throat, gums, and lips. How long does it take for a tiny scratch/cut inside of your mouth to heal?...

 how to clean infected ear gauge?
about a year ago i was wearing size 4g and then i was swimming in salt water so it got infected. pus came out of my piercing and at first i just left it in and cleaned my ear and tapers but it ...

 My little one year old ate a tiny bit of deodorant and keeps burping?
He is one year old and 2 months exactly today and he ate just a tiny bit of deodorant, he started coughing and choking and then just burping. I gave him some milk afterwards, should i be concerned?...

 What helps burns heal?
I burned my forearm, up near my elbow last night on the iron. Its pretty bad and looks bad. I got the burning to finally stop last night, but it still hurts now (obviously) Its not real big...about 2 ...

 I hurt my thumb, and i would like it to stop hurting.?
I am redoing the deck, this reqiures alot of time using a drill. Today i worked with the drill for three hours, pretty much non stop. The edge of my thumb, and in towards my palm hurts now, right ...

 how to survive evisceration?
so me and my brother saw the movie dead snow , in it an old man asks if this group of people know what to do when your intestines are hanging out your stomach, noone answers and the subject gets ...

 remedy for swollen face?

 Can you give mouth to mouth while still in the water?
I obviously do not mean while remaining underwater.
Can you try to give mouth to mouth to a drowning victim while keeping afloat in deep water (and expect to be successful) or is it imperative ...

 Stepson got a nasty sunburn ..Tips on relieving pain, and drawing out the heat?
My stepson spent the night at a family members house, went swimming and either did not apply sunscreen or he did not re-apply it after some time had gone by. In either case, he is burnt to a crisp. N...

 How to i heal a ingrown toenail easy and not that pain full?
I have a bad ingrown toenail. Sometimes it bleeds and green puss comes out??it hurts to touch it like i want to cry i have it on to big toes so basically how do i treat it at home painless?...

 i got snake bites (piercing) about a month ago and one of them has swollen up..?
they were fine until a coule of days ago and one of them has really swollen up
im scared that its gotten infected but i don't know what im supposed to do
i've tried cleaning ...

 how to cure a bug/mosquito bite?
My finger is itchy. i don't know what kind of bug biting me. it is really itchy. please advice me how to cure it and prevent it. The bite is some thing like this

how do you get a wasp stinger out?
I'm not sure if its there. cause its been like 2 days since i got stung by the wasp and i looked for a black dot and didn't find one. so i figured it was no big deal. i was stung by a wasp before and i didn't take the stinger out and i was fine. but now my finger still hurts and its swollen. im not allergic to anything so i doubt that it. any help?

i got stung by a wasp yesterday on my tumb. when it happen my tumb swolled up and i had to use a cold compress when my mother look she said she didnt see anything well the next morning i look and saw a black dot she scrap it but nothing came out but pus so i dont know if that was it. my tumb is stinging a little bit now. first put a cold compress on your hand or wherever you got stung and that will help the swollen go down a whole lot. then get meat tenderizer with water and create a past and put that on their also you can try backing soda and water. that help with the pain a little. after you done that put lemoade that suppose to help take the venom out. help this help tryed everything when i got stung and it work.

Wasps don't leave their stinger! It will hurt and be swollen for a week or so. Just put some Calamine Lotion on it and bandage it.

IF IT WAS A BEE....Scrape it out with a credit card.

try tweezers

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