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 What do i do if my ear is bleeding?

 How do I re-certify as an EMT-B?
My certification is going to expire on march 31 2011. I have not worked as am EMT or done much volunteer work. This is going to be the first time I re-certify. What options do I have so that I can ...

 I took a band aid off my leg and now there's a bubble?
I got hit with a metal bar on my knee a few weeks ago and yesterday I looked at it more closely and it was infected. I cleaned it out with some Irish thing my grandma swears by and put three band ...

 Stung by a bee yesterday?
Around eleven A.M. I got stung by a bee, right after, I put rubbing alcohol and calamine lotion on it. Over the night it developed a large red spot around my arm and itches and hurts. I'm not ...

 What's the difference between antibacterial soap and anti septic soap?

 Hand burnt due to cracker burst . Huge blister on index finger , what to do next ?
Got a big blister on index finger last night.saoked in cold water , applied silver x (aloe vera).what to do next ?...

 My lip is swollen and has a white blister-type thing. Help? (Picture)?
Yesterday morning I woke up and my lip was swollen and had this painful white-ish blister on it. It was fine when I went to bed the night before. It doesnt look like a coldsore to me, but I'm no ...

 My grandma got stung by a scorpion?
My grandma got stung by a scorpion in her back thigh and she says at 1st it hurt really bad but now she says it ok. What do I do? And will she be ok? Plz someone ...

 my doctor cut open my boil and stuffed it with gauze should i take it out or leave it?
well im changing the bandage but i don't know if i should leave it in or pull it out....

 What are some ways to remove splinters?
I have some splinters in my fingers. I can see one, but can't get it out. The others I can't even see. I've tried soaking my fingers in epsom salt, using sliced potatoes, and baking ...

 I just cut my finger off with a circular saw, what should I do?
Please respond asap...it's bleeding a lot right now....

 How to stop the pain of sunburn?
I know aloe cold compresses and moisturizer work but what else??...

 What degree burn is this? And is it bad?
Today in one of my classes I burned my hand when working with a hot glue gun. The hot glue dripped out when I wasn't paying attention and landed on my middle finger.

Here is a ...

 What's that little ball I feel in the side of my neck?
When I put my hand on the right side of my neck, I can feel as if there is a little ball. Can anyone tell me what it is?...

 Is this bite infected?
My dog bit my finger last Saturday and I can't tell if it's infected or not. The bite is pretty deep but it didn't get to the bone. If you look at the picture closely you can see that ...

 I got burnt on both legs with a fire cracker. really red and blistered. HELP?
The fire cracker malfunctioned and hit me literally on both sides on my thighs { I was wearing shorts} its extremely red and blistered on one side in the middle. I have tried ice neosporin and a burn ...

 I cut out the ingrown fingernail, but it still hurts?
Should I be worried? What can I do to ease the pain?...

 Is there a way that I can thank an EMT who helped me?
I only know his first name, but I didn't get the chance to thank him!...

 Whats the best thing to use to cut myself?
I know you will all be like don't. But cutting is a good thing for me. It helps. And i know i could cut too deep and lose a lot of blood, but i don't want to kill myself. I use cutting as a ...

 Can bee stings effect ur bones or joints?
i got stung by a bee 5 days ago. It's still swollen and inflamed but just around the joints of my thumbs. it hurts to bend or put any pressure on it. i didn't think bee stings could effect ...

Why is clear liquid coming out of my burn?
I just burned myself with a pan a couple minutes ago and now clear liquid is coming out.
Also, check out these websites:

Check webmd.com or .net I forget. They have reliable sources there. Could just be oozing like a severe sunburn does. Good luck!

Josh Warren
as long as the substance weeping from the burn is clear dont worry about it

probably cause burns sometimes blister. and then puss.

It could be that your burn had some blisters, and then blisters may have burst open. You should put the exposed area under some very cold water, to stop the burning, and then once the stinging is done, but some soothing aloe vera gel on. If there is fluid that is still coming out, you might want to consider getting the burn looked at tonight by and ER doc. I hope that this helps you.

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