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Why does the USA, the richest country in the world, not have a comprehensive healthcare system?

Martin Lee
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good luck.

cuz the presidents stupid

Because the system is set up to provide incentives to make employers the insurer. Over here, employers get tax incentives to provide health insurance for their employees. In theory, the incentives are enough so that the majority of workers will be covered by insurance. In an ideal world of low unemployment, this would mean that most people in the country are insured. Medicare and medicaid are supposed to catch those that fall through. Unfortunately, as we know, this isn't exactly what is happening, although it used to work better than it seems to be working now. If you want a socialized healthcare system in the US, be prepared for a significant tax hike and longer waits at the doctors' offices. In the UK, everyone gets the care they need, but specialized procedures often have a long wait time. Some folks over there pay for private coverage, which allows them to bypass the wait list. As far as the lack of a socialized system being the fault of the current administration, I respectfully disagree. We have had our current system for far longer than the current administration as been in charge.

Because we don't have good leadership.

There's too many of you. And of course corporate America want to make money from everything. Sadly, the middle-class and poor majorities therefore suffer. You just can't win.

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