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 Is it correct to not wash your hands while working in a vet clinic?
I'm asking this because in the small vet clinic (small in size and only has one employee plus the owner, who is the doctor) that I work at as a volunteer (I'm 15), they don't seem to ...

 i got strung by a yellow jacket. what do i do to get the swelling down?

 What is this bite on my ankle that oozes clear fluid?
Itched at first, but not now, I also had a few bites on my foot, small and red, they itched, but never oozed....

 Post-nosebleed bleeding - help?

I've had laryngitis this last week, and have developed a cold at the same time.. So I have been blowing my nose alot and sneezing. I have had a few mild nosebleeds over this time ...

 red hot swollen skin?
red hot swollen skin after ...

 what did i do to my foot...? help 10 pts?
yesterday i jumped off a swing and when i landed, the top of my foot really hurt. i could still walk and didnt think much about it. now its starting to bruise and it still hurts when i walk (but not ...

 Really bad sunburn! What helps besides aloe?
It is completely raw and possibly a 2nd degree burn... It also is peeling... Aloe helps a little... Anything else that might help? Any suggestions of treatment?...

 Poison Ivy on fabric?
Well my friend and I were walking in the woods, and he stumbled into a patch of poison ivy, all up his legs. He is not allergic, so he did not worry about it. If he sat down with his legs touching ...

 i got stung by a bee?
two days ago i stepped on a honey bee and it stung the bottom of my foot. I didn't know you were not supposed to try to pull it out so i tried and i couldn't get it. Then my foot swelled up ...

 What to do with a sea urchin needle stuck in your foot.?
I was just in Labadee Haiti on a cruise, and i got a needle from a see urchin stuck in my big toe while i was there. What should I do? Some people say to just wait for it to dissolve and some say ...

 Help, I got bitten/stung?
Something bit or stung me when I was getting off the bus today. The site of the bite/sting is very itchy and it's turned red, and it looks like a mosquito bite except it stings.
What is ...

 How to warn those around me I'm about to faint?
I'm 14 and I can be suseptible to fainting (low blood pressure and haemophobia) and am just wondering how to warn those around me before it's..too late and I embarass myself, and not ...

 1. Average wage for someone living in Sydney 2. Wage of Paramedic in Sydney?
Just want to know how a Paramedic's wage compares to that of a normal wage.

If you can answer one of those two questions/both I would be most grateful.

Thanks in ...

 I accidentally a whole coke bottle and it got everywhere?
How do I it?...

 Does this cut on my forehead need stitches?
I got into a fight and had a ceramic bowl broken over my forehead. It's bleeding alot and the scar is about 2 inches long an a cm wide. Its open and is bleeding a lot. I also drank so the ...

 why does my ear piercing hurt?
i got both my ears repierced about 3 months ago i got it pierced at Claires I they said dont take it out for six weeks so i listened to her but i really didnt clean my ears that good but my right ...

 How long will a splinter under the nail hurt?
This morning I got a wood splinter under my fingernail. I got the tip out but the rest I could not extract. All day it has been throbbing. Will it eventually work its way out as the nail grows?...

 How poisoness is Acetone ?
I usually clean my tobacco pipe with wiping alcohol and what I thought was something safe actually contained a lot of acetone my pipe separates so I place the peaces into a container and poor a ...

 How does ear wax come out of a zit in my ear?!?!?

 i smashed my finger what to do?
i smashed my finger 2 months ago the nail is dangling but it wont comecompletely off what to do it ...

Whta happens when you puncture your eye?
Someone the other day in my grade went to the hospital because he was punctured i nthe eye.... I think he was punctured...Well...Anyway, I was just curious at what are some of the possiblities of what can happen to him... Can he turn blind or something? Whta do doctors do to treat an eye that can be punctured?

It will , hurt ... Alot and yes your eye will go blind -- PROBABLY NOT CERTAIN :D im curious how the hell that happened xD hope he's ok !

Simply Me! ♥ NYC
There's a possibility he could go blind.

Yes it can cause blindness, or sensitivity to light. It depends on what part of the eye was damaged.

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