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Whats the best thing for a burn?
I just burnt my finger with hot water. I did the typical hold it under cold water and a friend sprayed some sort of burn spray on it, but its still hurting...a lot. I know its a two degree burn because it has a huge blister on it. Its not bad enough to go to the hospital and no doctor offices are open now. I was just wondering if there are any hints or tips anyone knows to help the pain go away so I can sleep!!

Ms T
Old cure but it works. Take a container (for your finger a cup will work) pour instant ice tea into the container, approximate 1/3 full then add cold tap water. Place your finger in the container until the burning sensation stop. The tea has an acid in it (can't remember the name) that will neutralize the burn. If done as soon as possible after the burn, you should get very little blistering if none at all.

I have seen this work on a person who had a pan of grease spill on their whole hand. The hand was placed in a pitcher of strong tea until they reached the hospital. Final result could have been third degree burn with scaring, but instead the hand had no scaring at all.

This also works good for a bad sunburn. You can fill your bathtub with cool water and tea or soak a towel in tea and place on the sunburn.

Remember tea will stain clothing.

if you have a cold pack from the freezer that would be your best bet. Or some kind of cooling gel. I had a really bad burn on my wrist from a car accident with a really large blister. I remember having trouble sleeping too. A cold pack is really your best bet. If you don't have one, wet a washcloth with water and put in the freezer for 5 minutes and wrap it around your hand or finger. Feel better soon, I hope this helps!

i always put an ice cube on it this will help numb it for a while but the only other thing to do is take an aspirin or like a Tylenol pm to dull the pain and help put you too sleep

If you have an aloe vera plant, cut off one of the stalks and hold the cut side on your finger. The juice will help it to heal.


Vaseline! That cures burns! Also aloe vera!

The cold water or ice was the best thing you could do. The damage is done now. The healing process must start. If the pain is severe take some aspirin. You might also keep an ice pack on the wound to make it feel better.

Aloe Vera works very well on burns and is sensitive on the skin- don't put any lotion or anything on the burn as that will irritate it even more.

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