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 Is it okay to use water pick to clean my ear wax?
i think i have alot of wax builded up in my ear, i can hear the wax sometimes when i lay down
Water picks, is it safe?...

 Question about a burn on my arm?
I work at McDonald's and two days ago I burnt my arm on a fry basket that had just come out of hot oil. Although my manager was right there when it happened, she did absolutely nothing about it. ...

 bad sunburn on my back Help!?
ok so i got a REALLY bad burn today at the beach and i have a big dance on June 11 and i was wondering if it would be done peeling and be "gone" by then... if not what are some ways to make ...

 How Do I Treat A Blood Blister?
I know I posted this question already, but that was on my other account.

Today, I was running on the tredmill for fun and I was wearing my converse without socks.
When I was finished, ...

 How do I cure my chipped nail?
I don't know how, but there was a yellow layer on my index toe. (The one next to your big toe.) I peeled it, and realized it was a chipped nail. It went through my nail, about halfway (or 1/4) . ...

 Second Degree burn help.?
i recently got a second degree burn. i took a stouffers tv dinner meal out of the microwave and took the plastic off. the steam was so hot it gave my finger a big blister. i put it in cool water, ...

 I accidentally burned my hand with a straightener...?
Okay. So I burned the side of my hand with a hair straightener about two days ago.
The burn looks like the size of a nickle. Its still kinda red and there's a blister.

Is there ...

 What should I do about the water in my ear?
It was so irritating so I googled for some answers to get the annoying water out of my ear.
I tried alcohol and the hair dryer techniques but it feels like it just made it worse.

My ...

 everything i touch eventually turns pink?
not like a complete pink but like a mix for example i had white ipod earbuds and eventually they some how turned pink. can any one explain whats ...

 Where Can I Find Colored Medical Gauze?
I recently pulled an ACL or MCL, in gym class to a
knee that was already on its last leg... Until the swelling
goes down, they can't really put anything on it ( like a
cast, or ...

Okay so my uncle pierced my ear while he was drunk. I thought he has sober so plz no mean comments but. Yea 1st he pierced once with this huge ear ring (meaning he pierced it with the tail of the ear ...

 Why doesn't WebMD have any advice about the 1,000 needle of fire piercing my soul?

 a welding burn not sure if its getting better or worse?
My boyfriend is a welder and about a week or so ago was burned. And he some times will pick at it and I yell at him. It's a little smaller then a postage stamp is red on the outside and white ...

 i hit myself in the lip and its puffy. when will the swelling go down?
i hit my lip pretty hard and the inside of it is bruised pretty bad. its been about 14 hours since it happened and its still just as swollen as it was then. when will the swelling go down? any tips ...

 My left ear is plugged and what might help?
My ear is plugged but doesnt hurt. I can feel the pressure on it and when I move it makes a popping noise. When i first noticed it was plugged i tried to use it to clean my ear and when I did it ...

 Is it possible to die just from non diseased mosquito bites; from so many?
I was wondering because the mosquitoes were biting terribly there was literally a swarm of them. I was wondering if they could kill you from so many bites like if you just laid in the woods say in an ...

 My eyes are in pain from crying so much. Anything I can do, other than eye drops?

 Smashed fingernail, what should I do?
It has been throbbing for about 4 hours ...

 how to treat my possible spider bite?
its right in the middle of my shin. Its a small open sore about the size of a nickle. The sore is oozing a clear liquid and is swollen. There is no fever or any other symptoms. It was just an open ...

 Did i break my finger?
about a month ago i was playing football and when i tried to catch the ball it like hit my index finger head on. it hurt a bit and i got a bit of a bruise, and it also swelled. well, now its a month ...

What should you do if you cut off a small tip of your finger?
In a minor kitchen accident yesterday, I sliced off a small round tip of my index finger. It is about 3 mm in diameter, and maybe 1.5 mm thick at the thickest point.

I wasn't sure what to do, so I picked up the sliced off bit, rinsed it and my finger, and held it in place over the wound. That was the least painful way to apply pressure to the wound to stop it from bleeding. When the bleeding had slowed/stopped, I covered the area in sterile gauze and secured it with bandage tape.

I changed the bandage after about 6 hours (before bed), and added some polysporin, mostly to avoid it sticking. I normally don't use the stuff, but the first bandage stuck and really hurt to take off. I changed it again this morning, and the "patched on" tip of my finger still looks a good color and appears to have become re-attached. Is that even possible?

What is the correct thing to do when you slice off a piece of fingertip? Some people told me I should have gone to the hospital for them to "glue" it back on, others told me I needed stitches. Neither of these seem like reasonable solutions for such a tiny flesh wound. My plan is to keep it clean and dry, and air it out for 1/2 per day until it heals.

Sub Stance
yes it is possible for it to reattach but I would keep it dry and dressed for the 1st week. Just so you know, the tips are most awful cuts to get because your nerve endings are all housed there, thats why we have sensitive touch in our fingers. So those wounds are horrible. Good job tho, I can only point out if it starts to fester, you will need and anti-biotic. Should be good tho

huffle kishy
First thing you should do is to put some pressure on it to stop the bleed... Try using a clean cloth by wrapping it on an affected area...then go to ER together with the piece of fingertip yuo've accidentaly sliced off for some assessment and management... Only Doctor's knows what's the best thing to do with that... He may also prescribed you some analgesic for pain and antibacterials to prevent a serious infections..

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