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 ok , i took my earing out of my ear and now there is a huge bump thing in my earlobe !!!???
pierced my own earlobes the one is fine but one is horrible , cause I couldnt find the hole when outting the stud in so , i just pushed the earing in and it hit something in my earlobe and started ...

 am i internally bleeding?
my upper abdomen, in the centre, like right under my ribs, it feels like its pulsating/bubbling/vibrating. this happens for about 30 seconds a few times an hour. it doesnt hurt at all, but feels ...

 skin irritation after taking off medical tape?
I have a wound thats draining and the bandage needs to be changed twice a day, but taking off the tape is leaving a burn. the kind of tape is 3M medipore cloth. is there anything I could put on my ...

 How do I make the burn go away?
I burned myself on the stove and I keep getting tht burning sensation inside but its fine when i run it through cold water. but as soon as i take it out, its burning again and its kinda red and kinda ...

 How to heal this rash quick?
On friday my skin got really dry at work and when i got home that evening my skin was so dry anything touching it or flexing my hand was really painful. so i used some hand lotion, and it started ...

 I think i might of scratched my eye!?
Last night I thought something was in my eye, so i started looking around and i couldn't see anything so than i got my dad to look and see if there was make up or something but he couldn'...

 what do i do about this bee sting?
okay, i was walking home from a concert...and me and my friends went through a walk way and a bees nest was in one of the trees...i got stung ...this was a couple of days ago and my pinky (where i ...

 what should i sit on?
what should i sit on if i dont have a couch?! and my floor gives me a rash :( i also have no pillows....

i got my 2nd ear piercing (lobe) in november and it's been pretty much fine since for the most part. So for the past few days, it's been pussing. I cleaned it with antiseptic. But today ...

 What do i do about my burnt hand?
I burnt the top of my han by my fingers this morning with exttremely hot water! my mom knew when i called her but like she told me to go tos chool so i did and then my friends said it was ...

 do doctors have doctors or do they take care of themselves?

 Something stung me today and it hurt BAD!!?
I was stung today for the first time and I am not quite sure if it was a bee, wasp, or hornet that bit me. The stinging was intense...it felt like someone was stabbing a knife in my arm. I only got a ...

 What happens if you cut a vein?
i cut the top of my hand the other day, between my wrist & my thumb. It went way deeper than I intended, and blood was "spurting"out. At first I panicked because there was so much of ...

 I had 3 silk stitches in my knee 2day and the doc advised me to have them out in 2 days, seems a bit short?
Was a one and a half inch gash down to the bone....

 steam burn?
i just burned myself bad with steam from a pot i was cooking my turkey in. what can i do to help stop it from burning like crazy?...

 cooked with dish detergent thinking it was oil?
what will happen?...

I burnt my fingertips about an hour ago. They are just red, nothing serious, but they are really sore. Does anyone know how to relieve the pain? I've been clutching an icepack, but its getting ...

 Bad Sunburn today, need relief!
So I went out in the sun today, and wore a strapless top, so I had nothing to cover from my shoulders to a little ways down. We decided to stay out longer then planned, so after a little while I was ...

 what is your opinion on this?
my right ear feels blocked, like with water. it just started this the other day. i have cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol, and have cleaned the outer part with a q tip. any other tips or tricks ...

 how can u help me to get ride of my up normal excitement?

What should I do if a popped blister keeps bleeding?
Should I worry? Put another band-aid on? Leave it alone? I got the blister Tuesday, popped that night and it has been bleeding on/off since (today's Friday). I left it alone some hours, used band-aids and even some athletic tape, but today my sock got all bloody, so now I don't know what to do.

Cat's Semester is OVER!
You shouldn't have popped it, but done is done so no matter now. Put some antiseptic ointment and clean gauze on it, and tape in place. Try to keep your shoes and socks off and stay off the foot for the weekend. The blister was probably just in a spot that needs to flex and bend and so doesn't heal easily when you're up walking around. As long as it doesn't look/feel infected you are probably ok with just resting it.

wel its probebly because you irrated it running or walking or whetever take it easy and put a band aid on it also befor you put on the band aid put on some pollysporen, hope it helpss!

What is a blister? A blister is actually a separation of the epidermis from the dermis or a separation within the epidermis itself. Vesicle is the term applied to very small fluid filled bubbles and may occur in conjunction with athlete's foot. Bulla is the medical term used for "blister". Most often the fluid within the blister is clear, but on occasion there is bleeding into the blister ( a blood blister) and it is bloody its fine just put a band aid on and dont touch it.

The most important thing to prevent a re-bleed is to keep it protected. Keep a bandaid on it, keep it clean, and keep it from being abraided as much as possible. Hope this helps.

Ozark Woman
Clean it good, and put some antibiotic cream on it, try and go without shoes for a few days, wear flip flops, let the air get to it and dry it out, do mess with it so it wont get infected.

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