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 i got stung by a bee how can i make the swelling to go away?
help please its on ny arm and it looks huge... i got a party to go to in 4...

 What can help me?
I have a pretty big gauge on my hand that keeps almost healing, and then breaking open again because of it's location. I don't normally take a long time to heal, but this cut has been ...

 What can you put on a burn?
I burnt my arm by touching the inside of the oven door. Ouch! The burn is bigger than the size of a toonie. I've been icing it, but it is puffy and as soon as I stop icing it burns like crazy....

 I hate mosquito bites!!?
I have Mosquito bites on my legs.Please tell me how to get rid of the itch!! My mom already told me about making an + with your fingernail than add salt, exc..and we don't own any after bite.Any ...

 Urgent Feel bad?
All of a suuden I feel difficulty breathing, when I went out to the balcony for some fresh air, I felt dizzy. Weak to walk back in, tingling in my toes and fingers. I feel a little bit better after 10...

 I need emergency helpp ?
my friend drank alcohol mixed with weed that was laced with cocaine.. she breathes very heavily every 10 mins or so. She is talking and having conversations but when she breathes heavily she does not ...

 How do you get road rash to heal without infection?
If you've ever had road rash or rug burn before, you know it is hard to heal, as the skin remains raw for a while (won't scab immediately.) Therefore, it is very prone to infection. How do ...

 What's the best over the counter sleep aid?
I want to be drowzy while watching 24....

 My finger!! Something's happened to it!!.....?
I fell while playing floor hocky and the stick was above my finer and my weight fell atop the stick and it crushed my finger. It started to feel numb and prcikly. Then it stopped. Then now, it is all ...

 Painful mosquito bites?
This summer, every time I get a new mosquito bite they swell, last night I got one on my knee and it was a small normal bite but when I got up this morning it swelled to about the size of half a ...

 I got very drunk on the weekend. I am still feeling dizzy. Whats wrong with me?

 Do I have an ear infection?
My ears have been bothering me for a year lately and now I'm suspecting it can be an ear infection but I'm not 100% sure about it. In the beginning I was introduced to Q-Tips and I really ...

 Can you give me advice to help my excessive hand washing?
I am always washing my hands. I something falls on the floor or someone touches it, I wash it. I just moved and I have to wash all my walls. I’m still not done. I don’t have people over ...

 without cutting down or giving up smoking, what is the best way to get rid of a smokers cough?

 Why do people get upset when their toes are step on??
like when i used the word skunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 is rubbing alcohol safe to put on your face?
if you don't actually put it in your mouth? or it the alcohol strong enough to still be poisonous?...

 What are you focusing more: stay healthy, or your financial freedom?

okay my nose got swlled up i guess cuz of my infection and puss and bloood came out and my nsoe ring slid out and my snose is swelled from the inside and wehn i put it in i cannot feel my nose ring ...

 How do you treat a smashed toenail?
Big toe got smashed and now the nail is black. Experiencing a lot of pressure and pain....

 How to prevent scarring on my wrist?
Okay well last night I didn't wanna use a razor to cut myself, so I used a sharp pencil and made three scratches that bled a little but seem to stand out. I didn't cut the vain though, I ...

What is the best thing you can do when you have a blister?
just got a new pair of shoes and now I have a blister on the back of my ankle. Very annoying but what is the fastest way to heal this or best thing that I can do for it? I want to go jogging but it's probably going to rub off my runners now!! :(

Jeney M
Put sudo cream on the blister, wear a thick plaster over it and put on thick socks and you should be good to go.

Dr Frank
Blisters should ideally be left intact and never pierced, as the skin cover keeps the lesion sterile. To do this pad generously and wear footwear that allows you keep the dressing intact. Either abandon the shoes or at least take them back to the shop and have them stretched. Decent shoe shops still have the device needed to do this. If and when the blister does burst, keep it clean and put on an antiseptic cream such as Savlon and a sterile dressing.

Paula P
I like to pierce them with a clean needle then squeeze the fluid out. This prevents them bursting naturally and leaving a large area of unprotected skin. Then, put a plaster or dressing over it. The main thing is to prevent the whole thing being ripped off - that hurts and may get infected!

u can get a sponge pad to stick in the inside of the shoes to stop it hurting and stop more coming ask in a shop no quick way of healing just keep wearing mite get used to em

a thick bandaid (or two) some cream. and make sure to not wear shoes that rub that spot untill it is completely healed. i got baaddd blisters from some shoes so i would put a bandaid on untill the shoe smoothed out and stopped rubbing.

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