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What causes my nerves to jump & how can i get them to stop?
for several years I have been having this problem with my nerves. One doctor even told me its just muscle spasm. Whatever it is I just want it to stop. right now its above my left eye.

Its is b'coz of the excess of acetylcholine in ur body, when its level depletes u stop jumping.

go back to doctor they make meds for that i take them, had same thing embarrassed me. i could be laying in bed and jump. but they gave me soma 350mg, but there's others that work like flexiral. find another doc that dont mind writing, but they make you sleepy,some very sleepy so decide which is worse

Fire Halo
I work for a Chiropractor and this sounds like a Chiropractic case. See one. The nerves in your upper neck at C1 and C2 area go to your face, and they might be pinched causing them to get over excited. Try it, and even if it doesn't work, Chiropractic is great for you. Try to get a Chiropractor that does the Thompson drop table technique or Ghonstead and uses his hands to adjust your neck, not an activator (sounds like a stapler) - unless of course you require an activator, some people do, mostly elderly and very young.

For years I had muscle spasms. Here is what I do: 1) Drink less caffeine, drink more water2) I meditate twice a day (T.M. Transcendental Meditation) and 3)Go to an acupuncturist when I do tweak a muscle. Peace

princess angel 2207
ask your doctor for some medication to cure this, if there is nothing available then there is nothing you can do,sorry.

I've had this problem too. I can't ever just get rid of them, I have to wait them out. Eventually they go away. But it does get annoying. Well good luck, I hope you find an answer.

Texas Made!
same thing happens to me and i idont know why

I get an eye twitch every once in a while, and it can be annoying. It usually happens during periods when I lift weights on a regular basis, especially with my neck and back.

At any rate, try to focus and relax. Concentrate on that muscle group. Really concentrate on it, and focus on relaxing it. When you have the right state of mind, you can mentally relax it. It takes some practice, but after a while, it becomes very natural.

Also, self-massage helps. Slowly, and with moderate pressure, use your fingertips to massage the affected area. If you have any knotted up muscles in your neck or back, self-massage those ones too. For knotted muscles, try pressing with your fingertips until there is a slight pain, then hold that pressure for 10-15 seconds and release. Repeat that 2-3 times for any knotted muscle.

Day-to-day, you should do stretches to keep your body limber, and that should help too.

If you are stressed out, that is likely a contributing factor too. Try to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts, and take the time to breathe deeply and slowly (through the abdomen) for a few minutes.

These techniques have helped me, and I hope they help you too. I picked most of them up from learning about qigong, if you're interested.

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