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 Mosquitoes always bite me?
My legs look very bad. I've always had a problem with mosquitoes everywhere I go. It seems as if they affect me more than average. What can I do? I have a mosquito zapper, wear the OFF fan and ...

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 help.. i just burned my hand?
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 Cut finger and exercise?
My boyfriend cut his finger prettybad on glass today. We disnt go in for stitches but we poured peroxide on it and wrapped it up with neosporin gauz and a wrap and tape. I gave him some ibuprofin. Je ...

 i burned my finger on a pot..?
and then i ran it under cold water for 25 minutes. it still burned when it warms up at all. i'd rather not see the doctor but is there something else i can do?!...

 How can i get better TOMORROW?!?
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 Can I just rip off the fingernail and get this over with?
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 boiling water burn on my hand?
i burned my wrist and hand by draining boiling water about 45 minutes ago. It's swolen and burns but it's not really red. And it hurts more as time passes. Will it still go red and stuff? ...

 I'm I going to be short?? Please help?
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 Do I need to keep my first degree burn moist?
Honest to god it's not a very big burn, it's actually a pretty small burn. I burned my arm on my dad's devilish coffee pot. Do I need to keep it moist? Can I wash it with soap in the ...

 I was loking in the mirrer an a black worm came out of a lump on my forehead????
it was small, black, sorta seethroughy i had never any pain or anyfing... and im quite shocked to be onest?? It tastes like coal??? do i have worms or somfing???? plz help????...

 my contact lens ripped, i got most of it out but i think there is still a bit left?
my contact lens ripped when i tried to take it out, when i finally got it out there was a bit missing from it, i think it's still in my eye, how can i get it out? I cant feel anything or see it ...

 i accidentally put my red pen in my mouth and it was leaking?
I can't get it off my mouth and tongue! I'm on the job so I can't really brush my teeth or anything. Is there some kind of liquid I can use? I put the back in my mouth but I didn'...

 I can't swallow and I am drowning in my own spit please help!?

 i think i scratched my eyeball some advice?
i passed out drunk with my contacts in and woke up a few hours later and tried to get them out frantically since they were stuck to my eye in the end i couldnt get them out and just passed out again. ...

Annalynn ツ
What Should I do for this Cat Scratch?
I was giving my cat a bath and she scratched my shoulder. Immediately, the scratch looked bruised. It is purple and risen. It didn't bleed, but it hurts and it looks pretty bad. What should I do? Please serious answers only! thanks!! this is what it looks like now: http://tinypic.com/r/mubi12/7 the scratch is in the middle...what is the red circle around it??

Your pic doesn't look like a scratch, it looks like a puncture. A scatch is no big deal, but a puncure wound from a cat can be dangerous. Their claws usually carry lots of bacteria, and it it gets in deep it can cause a bad infection. If the area is swollen and you think it is deep, go to a physician, clinic or urgent care center for antibiotics.

Wash the area with soap and water, put some triple antibiotic ointment or cream on it and leave it heal.

When I went to pick out a kitten at the shelter I got scratched by a kitten and they had hand sanitizer there and they told me to use that on the scratch when it happens to help kill any germs esp with the cat litter and all that so now when I get scratched by a cat I always put hand sanitizer on it. It burns the first time but helps so it doesn't get infected. Also anytime you get scratched it will be red

Callie Kitsune
Put peroxide on it to prevent infection. I get scratched constantly and nothing a little H2O2 can't fix. :)

Hun, that is fine. Nothing to be worried about. Trust me, take a look at my arms and legs. Just try to ignore it, it will go away soon. It's just like a mosquito bite. It will scab over and then go away. :)

i would see a doctor about this.

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