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Noah H
What Is This Yellow Crust On Mosquito Bite?
I have a couple mosquito bites and i have scratched one of them alot.
Whenever i do this, that mosquito bite opens up and then it produces this yellow crust over the open part. If i scratch it off, it comes back in an hour or two. What is this?

I think it feels like liquid while it's forming and then it gets hard.

Looks like you're getting blisters.
When I was 11, I used to get a lot of blisters after scratching my bites a lot.
Since you're feeling liquid, that's just the pus in the blister.
My blisters vanished when I popped them with a needle and the liquid will come out.
I know it sounds gross but it's true!

oh, i see....
pus, white blood cells trying to help clear up the infection??

Andrew Hepp
Its probably impatego, an infectious skin disease I got quite often when i was a child. Try applying bactroban or neosporin. you need to go to a doctor for some antibiotics if it gets worse or doesn't heal. impetago is no big deal, its just annoying.
BTW the yellow stuff is puss, white blood cells like the other guy said. It's clear sign of infection, impetigo or not

Its poison but dont worry, its puss that mixes with it so it makes it yellow sont worry its not bad just clean it daily to wash out the poison.

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