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mystery name
WASP STING: foot swells one week later?
i got stung by a wasp recently on the foot. i used an ice pack to reduce the pain and this seemed to work. The pain was gone on the second day. HOWEVER, one week later my foot seemed a little itchy and i noticed that it had swollen a little around the area i got stung. Is this serious? or should i just leave it until it becomes normal itself? Does anyone have any home remedies?

Papaver's answer is good an you should consider the Anthisan and elevating your foot. One additional thing is to check for any infection. Place the back of your hand over the swollen part of your foot. A general guide is, if it is warmer than the back of your hand then it may be infected. The swelling should have gone down by now but, from personal experience the discomfort can last a long time. If you think it is infected then go to your G.P.s surgery and have it assessed by the Doctor or Nurse. Hope it's soon back to normal.

Wasp stings are Acidic therefore you should rub something alkaline on it to neutralise the Acid. Try some baking soda on it. Yes, it may sting but it's worth it. Then if it's infected, use some anti-septic cream.

Antihistamine cream eg Anthisan and any antihistamine tablets from the pharmacy. Elevate your foot when seated so that it doesn't hang downwards. Interesting article http://www.insectstings.co.uk/sting-acid-or-alkali.shtml

could you be allergic to the wasp sting? maybe if this carries on seek help of a pharmasict or doctor.should be nothing but watch out for nausea and a fever

go to the pharmasist and ask about creams to put on it, otherwise try spraying perfume on it, i know it sounds weird, bit when i get an itchy sore i spray perfume on it and trust me, will never itch again - does sting when you do it though (passes after about 20 seconds :D

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