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 I've been taking vitamins, and as a result I've been experiencing sweaty legs at night?
First of all, NO smart-*** answers like "Turn on the Air Conditioner" or "Sleep with less blankets". Male, 21 years old, using the supplements for general health and acne ...

 I cut my finger with a knife several hours ago and it is still bleeding and hurts a lot?
About three/four hours ago I cut myself quite deeply on my finger with a sharp knife - it bled a lot so we covered it with three plasters. Two hours later it was uncomfortable and bleeding still so ...

 Picc line problems with the extension tubing?
I recently had a picc line put in. Flushing it daily isn't a problem at all because I have a 15" extender tubing that goes from my upper arm to my hand so that I CAN flush it myself. The ...

 I have a spot that looks like it is a spider bite. What is the best thing to put on it?

 i got a cut on my face how to heal?
i cut my face a bit with a wooden stick now my face is bleeding like when you cut your self with a knife in the kitchen, its like a slice type and i wanted to know how to heal it quick and help it ...

 Is my cut infected or is it just taking its time?
about a week ago i was shaving my legs and i got a cut its about an inch and a half long and it bleed a lot.it hurted and it got swollen and i couldn't walk.then in school i was scratching ...

 Is inhaling glue vapours damaging???
I used glue to glue fabric, fabric made from cotton and elastane, it got really hot and a tiny bit of smoke came off it which I accidentally inhaled and it burned my lungs!! It was only a little bit ...

 Is there any lovedoctor who can heal me ?
If so pls add me on im! My id is mott0@yahoo.co.in . I am decent and wont bother u. P...

 whats the best way to deal with blisters?
do i pop them? or let them be?...

 My cut has become a bit blue?

 I cut my toe open with a bit of glass. Will it heal good?
Well I stepped on glass today. We put disenfectent peroxide on it and held pressure on it until it stopped bleeding a bit. It looks half as small as this pic and bled a little bit littler than that. I...

 What to do if someone swallows bleach?
What is the best thing to do if someone as swallowed bleach ?...

 Where is it you put your finger?
when u are a feeling nausias i heard you have to touch ur wrist but which part is it and how does it work?...

 remedy for mosiqto bites?
i need an easy over the counter remedy to get ride of mosiqto bites.... no one likes them and some one has to have figured out how to get rid of them (mosiqto is spelled wrong)...

 Medical First Aid and Second Aid.?
If a bandage is first aid and stitches are Second Aid then Antibiotic oitment is first aid as ______ is second aid? Can you help me figure this out?...

 When should I remove my ear wick?
Went to urgent care around 11am and they said I had outer ear infection (swimmers ear) and possible middle ear infection. They perscribed antibiotic (which I haven't filled yet) and ear drops (...

 dancers blood blister!?
OK so i need some serious help here, i dance 6 days a week and when i was jogging yesterday i noticed my big toe was throbbing a lot.I didn't pay any attention to it until i got home and noticed ...

 please help. woke up with swollen face and rash. (pictures)?
PLEASE HELP ME. I woke up with a ******* rash all over my now SWOLLEN face. Heres a picture of what i look like: http://i208.photobucket. And this is me normally: (just to ...

 How do i get corn out of my sinuses?
I think while i was eating dinner i got corn stuck in my sinuses. It felt swelled in an area of my sinus and a few minutes later i sneezed and im not sure whether it came out and i still felt ...

well Im a 17 female & i want to get a lip piercing really bad i just cant decide witch one will look good at me SNAKE BITES 1 piercing on each side of lower lip SPIDER BITES 2 piercing close ...

The poison which would not leave any traces?
HI. We're about to do a play, in which the hero gets poisoned by his brother. And the police never finds a clue, any sign of a poison. Meaning they cant find who killed him. I once heard there is a poison which kills, and then decomposes in a matter of 24 hours or so. So no traces will be left behind. We want to make the play scientifically correct, so i wanna know what poison is as such?! or if not any similar ways of unnoticed death? i need the name and how the body reacts to it.

Injectable insulin blood sugar drops and brain cannot function anymore. Coma then death. (not a poison for diabetic people but for non diabetic...untraceable) Not sure whether or not antifreeze could not be detected in the kidneys. http://www.ehow.com/how_2315918_detect-antifreeze-poisoning.html arsenic is found in hair and nails.

Ailidh O'Mordha
It's not arsenic. Arsenic can be traced now. It's anti-freeze.

I am not sure but I think it is Arsenic.

you sound like my mother

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