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♣ George ♣
The cut on my finger is still bleeding?
Last night my finger accidentally got cut quite deeply on a kitchen knife - it was bleeding a lot so we put several plasters on it. Three hours later, we checked to find it was still bleeding loads. We applied around five plasters and I slept on it. The cut happened about 18 hours ago and it is still bleeding loads when I take the plasters off.

The cut was at the end of my finger running diagonally up about half of my it. It's really painful + uncomfortable ~ I've actually lost a lot of blood through this cut :L

I would say keep applying pressure until it slows down & don't change the bandage as often because it can pull out the clot causing it to bleed more. Whomever said go get stitches must not have a medical background because no doctor will do stitches on a cut as old as yours, because of the risk of infection.

Clean it with cooled boiled water then apply pressure to the cut with some gauze (or something clean that won't stick to it) for about 10 mins. Then put on plasters or steri strips to hold the cut skin in place. If this doesn't work then see your dr to get your clotting levels tested.

Dennis Charles
are you sure you have cleaned the wound first before applying plasters? when you get a cut, e.g in the finger, you should let it bleed first while flushing it with running water. it will normally stop bleeding for a while, when it does, gently but firmly press the wound, closing the cut back into place. press and hold for a while, until the blood inside clots. it will take time depending on how fast your blood clots and how deep the wound is. about 15 minutes is safe to say that it properly closed. then gently release your hold to the wound, not letting the wound to open again. and apply povidone iodine to disinfect the cut, and apply a plaster.
if it still bleeds, you must have a blood disorder that your blood does not clot properly, and you must consult a physician..

Try to continue in doing things that stop the bleeding continuous for 3 days, like keeping the plasters on.

If it still continues to bleed after 3 days, you need stitches from a clinic or hsopital.

You need help. Get to a doctor or preferably an ER. If it's that deep you may need stitches or you may have done nerve or blood-vessel damage.
In the past I've had five stitches put in the end of my finger from a knife cut i got when cutting cheese. I wrapped a cloth round it and drove myself to the hospital in a manual car because nobody else was home. They were very surprised. It was numb for years and still feels a little different.
Don't muck around with this.

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