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Sister Sumthinsumthin
Ok so I burnt my thumb with steam....HELP FAST PLEASE!!?
I was opening something out of the microwave and my thumb got severely burnt by the steam...I held an ice cube to my thumb for about five minutes and now when I take it away it feels 10 times hotter! I am in agony! What to do???

ice was the worst thing you could have done. put your thumb under LUKEWARM water. not cold and not hot. find some middle ground. after about 10 minutes the pain should dissipate. if any skin has been removed cover it with a band-aid after you run it under the water.

Kellie R
keep the ice on it and spray some burn ointment on it. I know that desitin( the bbay but cream helps alot) but if you dont have kids you probly dont have that laying around.

more ice

More ice. It's gonna hurt for a few hours. sorry about that.

army bound 0222211
toothpaste submerge it in toothpast and let the toothpaste stay there.


Whatever you do do not use butter or anything greasy! Take a cup or bowl and fill it with water and ice and put your thumb in it for a few minutes! Make sure though you take it out a few times so that way you don't get frostbite and make it worst. After it starts to feel better, put some burn cream on (First Aid Cream) and wrap it and that should help heal it faster. Feel better (:

Ernie From Ohio
I want to help people out, I see so many burn questions and people put ice on burns all of the time. DO NOT PUT ICE ON BURNS. Cool water is good, ICE IS NOT. Ice i will cause vasoconstriction- burned tissue needs adequate blood flow and vasoconstriction is not a good idea.

You are going to need to wait it out and take care of it. Burns are painful.

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