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 I have a question about Hydrogen Peroxide?
I skinned my knee in PE class a couple of days ago. I've been using peroxide to clean it. It always bubbles a lot. Is that because it's cleaning my knee, or does it always bubble like that? ...

 I have a spider bite on my right arm the "infected" area is about 1 and 1/2 inches wide.?
I have a spider bite on my right arm the "infected" area is about 1 and 1/2 inches wide.

it is really red and noticable. it doesn't hurt unless there is pressure on it. been ...

 Do you take xanax?
does it work for you?...

 what do i put on my face for wind burn?
my face is burning so bad!! its like on fire!! what should i put on my face for wind burn?...

 Does liver totally and entirely 'grow back' after a part of it has been extracted, e.g. after a transplant?
Liver is known as an organ with fantastic regeneration capacity. However, I've heard many opinions among doctors (I'm a medical student). Some say that if you 'cut off' a part of ...

 what is the difference between antibacterial and disenfecting?

 If you're out in the wild and gash your self, is using dirt an effective means of clotting and protecting?

 How do you get a mosquito bite to stop itching?
i have so many bites, its not even funny,
like- more than 20! i cant use afterbite tho,
anything that i can do ??

also= does anyone wanna explain why making an X in them would ...

 What's in a mosquito bite?
Just wondering what happens when a mosquito bites you and why is it so itchy?...

 what is protien?

 my pennis has been stuck in a sobe bottle for one day what do i do?

 My idiotic friend papercut my pupil, is it okay?
Today my friend papercut my pupil and it hurt a lot at the moment but it stopped hurting after a while and was really read. Now, my eye feels really wierd. Is my eye okay? If not how can i cure it?...

 Bug in my ear. HELP!?
I went camping over the weekend and saturday night a nat or a small moth flew into my ear and started flapping around trying to get out. Hurt like ****. We tried drowning it, which we did. Now it'...

 Why is it that women have a tendency to urinate and defacate more than men?

 Do you smoke? If answered yes,why do you?

 which is stronger a muscle or a bone?

 Is this a spider bite? If so what kind? Help from doctor or someone please?
My little brother got bit by something today. Caused swelling at bit site [swelling looked like a mosquito bite, but wasnt and was ringed in red] and be got spots [hives] up his arm. Hospital doesnt ...

 I have 2 really huge cuts(knee,elbow)blood was gushing out and i really hate stuff like that what should i do?
I got 2 huge cuts today about the size of my knee cap (my knee caps not very big tho) the are piercing in pain and i can hardly bend them. I hat medical and blood type of things and i hate the ...

 Why when i cut myself, then when i took a shower it was burning on the cut?????
I did have it on hot water, but not extremely hot, but i dont know ...

 Do my scars have an infection?
If I was cut with scissors- which are not sterile...?
all the rest of my cuts went away besides three that are getting worse every day,
and they are getting more puffed up and itchy.

Will A
My thumbnail is swollen and full of pus what do i do?

You may need to drill a hole in it to let the pressure release. Then it can heal. Good luck!

If it is a blister pop it with a sterile needle and clean it with rubbing alcohol and neosporin

Just gently open it with a sterile pin or needle and the puss will come out. That's why's it red and sore cuz it's got no where to go.

Sterilize a needle by sticking it in the fire . Then keep piercing the pus with the needle and it will ooze right on out. then clean area with peroxide.

Soak it in hot water and epsom salt...this helps draw poisons...

cameron lally cscs
If you don't have a fever you can probably see your doctor or go to an urgent care. If you have a fever you may want to go to the ER. They can open and clean it thoroughly while prescribing appropriate medications if needed.

Cut your thumb off. Just kidding, if I were you I'd go to the doctor and get it checked out, sounds like an infection. Good luck

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