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My finger is infected, next to the nail, and its still closed, how should i get the pus out? Using a pushpin?
I have a small infected finger and the white is next to my nail. Its kind of turning green :O and its red around it. Should i just use a pin to puncture it and get the pus out? or what. Please help =(

go with the 1st answerer's answer. That's what I was going to reply with!

If it is that bad than you should seek medical attention.

u need to find what is causing the infection, a splinter,or what and get it out, or just go and see a doctor

Soak your finger in warm water with Epsom salts to draw out the infection. Soak for 5-10 minutes twice a day. That should take care of it quickly. You can also apply hot compresses to the infection to help draw out the pus.

Wrap your finger with some gauze or a cloth and soak it in warm water for 15 minutes several times a day. The area with the pus should be come larger and the red area should go down. This will help before draining the pus.

Use a needle that has been sterilized by alcohol or the heat from a flame. Sterilize your finger with beta dine or rubbing alcohol. Puncture the area and let it drain. Don't squeeze the area, press on it and pull outwards. Afterwards, put some antibiotic on the area and cover it with some gauze or a bandaid. Keep it clean until it heals.

Epsom salts are great, but not everyone's skin agrees with them.

Don't use a pin, if you don't like Epsom salts, I use this method on my fiance's constant nail bed infections (he bites his nails).

Go to your pharmacist, buy some magnesium sulphate paste, it's a light green colour.

Step 1: Boil some water
Step 2: Dip some cotton wool in the boiled water
Step 3: Wipe the infected are with the cotton swab / hold the cotton swab there, it'll draw the pus from the infection out of your cuticle, keep wiping / holding for 5 - 10 minutes
Step 4: Put some of the magnesium sulphate paste on top of the cuticle and on your nail as close to your cuticle as you can get
Step 5: Put a plaster on to stop more dirt getting in there

Repeat morning and night

If it doesn't work within a few days (which it should do) or you notice the infection getting worse, go to your doctor for some antibiotics.

It only ever failed me, when he let the infection get so bad that his whole finger was turning green before he let me near it, then he needed antibiotics.

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