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 Just a quick question of concern... I was just scratched by a farrell (wild) cat. She has kittens. Thanks LC

 how to get rid of an ingrown toenail?
I went to the doctor and she told me that at this stage, I should just soak my foot for half hour a day and hope for the best but it hurts worse every day. What can I do??...

 I burnt my finger,,,,,help!!!?
I burnt my finger from lasagna sauce straight from the oven so i ran my finger through cold water, but it didnt help. i went to the pharmacy and asked for someting for my burn and she gave me ...

 Can dogs get frost bite?

 thorn stuck in finger... HELP PLEASE?
okay we have a project due tomorrow and we have to pick leaves... so i picked one and a thorn (not the picky little weeds) and one got caught in my finger and i cant get it out. im already digging in ...

 How to get glass out of my foot?
A few nights ago, a picture frame shattered on my bedroom floor. I managed to pick up most of the glass using bread, and swept, and all that, but apparently a shard of it got stuck in my heel. I didn&...

 Got a nasty burn on my arm..?
I burned my arm earlier this week when I pulled a casserole out of the oven, it looks nasty! The skin is peeling off and it's all puss underneath! Should I go to the doctor (I'd rather not) ...

 When a person is in a faint do you..?
When a person is in a faint do you lower her to the floor open her airway and raise her legs or should you just hold her in your arms and gently rub her back?I'm asking this because my new ...

 Mosquito bites..?!?!?
So yesterday after school i started itching my leg, when i got home, i found red bumps. mosquito bites rite? but i found like 15 on my leg, and maybe a few more on my body. but it really itches! is ...

 how can i make swelling go down, around my eye?
I got some sort of bug bte just beside my eye, the next morning I woke up and my eyelid was all swollin, it went down last night, but today it feels like it was just as big. Is there any way to make ...

 Burning in stomach from overdosage?
Is there anything I can do to help the burning in my stomach/ eat? I overdosed on advil about 3 days ago, that is why my stomach is burning....

 What does Frost bite do?

 Ouch! Splinter!?
I have a splinter all the way under my skin. Yes, it hurts. I need to find a way to get it out without bandages because, well, we're out of band-aids. HELP PLEASE!!!!! :( Thank you to all of ...

 how long does it take for food poisoning to take effect?

 chest pains?
Ever since last night i took celebrex and I have had really bad chest pains in the centre and on the left side of my chest. I called the pharmacist and they said to stop taking the celebrex which i ...

 For wieght loss is it more important to count calories or grams of fat??

 Is this internal bleeding? Should I be concerned?
I dropped a statue on my foot, and it swelled up. It looked like blood was leaking, but when I touched it, nothing came out. I was walking around when the blood spot got longer. It's now as long ...

 Does anyone feel lonely when they're really not? Is it boredom?

 i cut myself and it healing weird?
i cut myself on my left wrist about 1 months ago (using a powertool) i went to the emergency they stiches me up and it look like this ( http://www.pinkbike.com/ then it been like 4 ...

 If your worst enemy and your closest friend..?
If your worst enemy and your closest friend had a heart attack at the same time and they both needed cpr who would you save first?...

My child has a nervous habit of clearing her throat all the time. How can I help her stop?
She's had a cold over two months ago, and that's when it started. She's also developed a strong aversion to medicine; ANY type of medicine, even though what I give her tastes really good? She's in grade one, and that's when all this stuff started. I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what to do. I've told her time and again that I wouldn't give her anything that tastes bad to me. But she still cries, and gags, and it's just a mess. I've asked her if anyone at school has told her that medicine is bad for you, but she's insistent that no one told her that. There were some additions to her grade one class that weren't in Kindergarten. I'm thinking that one of these kids told her that medicine is bad. And she believes anything that anyone tells her...except me. She thinks that I'm trying to poison her by giving her medicine. Like today, she complained that her head hurt because she had stuffy sinues. So I gave her Benadryl(good stuff)but she sprays it out like I gave her raw sewage.SOS

Fist, as parents we want the best for our children yet we tend to get a little carried away and make mountains out of molehill ( I wouldn’t take my kid to the pediatrician with a self diagnosis of nervous habit ). However, at her age you really need to be calling her pediatrician and not seeking advice online. It seems there are few issues that need addressing. Best wishes

I wouldn't take your child's reaction to the medicine so personally. Maybe the medicine tastes OK to you, but that doesn't mean it does to her. Kids can be very finicky about anything that tastes different. Are you forcing the medicine down her or letting her drink it at her own rate? Can you hide it in something she likes? As to her clearing her throat, since this is a relatively new habit, is it possible that she has post-nasal drip that is causing her to clear her throat. Even though her cold was over a two months ago, she may have a sinus infection that is still actively draining.

that weird chick
i saw in the pharmacy these lollypop medicines. banana, strawberry, grape and lots of other flavors. u might try those, but other than that, i don't know wat to tell u.

Tell her to stop and if she doe'snt just spank her! Sike,I was just kidding I really think you should take her to a doctor

I have know people who clear thier throat alot and most of them suffer from slight asthma....have you had her check for this?

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