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 How do I treat blisters on my heel?
I have a blister on my heel and the skin already tore off. I just placed it back and band-aided it.. Is that good?
What should I do? I need it to heal quickly since school is starting on Monday....

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 What is the best/quickest cure for a sunburn?

 what should i do to treat people with injured legs?
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on saturday i went to this place and i was out in the sun for like 16 hrs. and i got a really bad sunburn and now im all red and itchy and school starts tomorrow is there anyway the sunburn can go a ...

i got a really bad sunburn a couple days ago and it hurts really bad. is there anything i can do to help it.

and also my lips got sunburned and they're swollen, is this normal?...

 what's the best thing for an ingrown toe nail?
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 what is the best way to apply hydrogen peroxide to a wound?
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 pl suggest, i am feeling as if my heart is beating quite loude and feeling restless?

Janelle Anderson
Leave bandaid on or take it off ?
Do bandaids slow down the healing process for wound healing ?
I have a cut on my face and I was wondering if I should leave the bandaid on overnight or if I should let it "breathe".
I heard if the wound doesn't get air or oxygen or something it won't heal as fast ?
Which one is better for quicker healing ?
= ]

Use a topical anti-biotic and remove the bandage if it is not reopening.

You should leave the bandaid on! The cut will leave less of a scar if you leave the bandaid on.

Leave it on during the day - this will stop things like dirt from getting into the wound, as well as bumping it or further injuring yourself.

Take it off right before you go to bed so the air can get to it and it heals faster. Don't forget to put another one on again in the morning :)

yep u should take it off
it will heal way faster and u trap moisture under the bandaid and it makes ur skin feel really gross and sore.

Leaving a bandaid on wont let it scab up which is part of the healing process. Take it off just make sure to keep it clean. Leaving it off will mean quicker healing

Take it off

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