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 Is there a website where you could buy.........?
the medical teaching supplies that they use at universities and colleges? I mean like that anyone can buy because I know some places are by large amount of orders and others only sell to hospitals or ...

 How do you hide a snake bite piercing from your parents?
Well, originally I had two but I took one out because I think one looks cooler, but yeah, how do I hide it from my mom&dad?...

 How can i help my earing hole heal up?
I re pierce my ears all the time since I seem to forget about wearing earrings often. I've been dooing it since i let my holes close up in 8th grade, and i'm now a senior in highschool. A...

 What would be the makings of a good first aid kit for my home?
I have only a few bandaids and some antibiotic ointment and I want to create a good emergency first aid kit. There are so many products out there and so many different types of ointments and ...

 How do you make a cut look worse than it really is?
Don't ask why, just answer please.
It's a small cut but I want it to look worse than it is, so people will notice it easier....

 How long does stitches on your arm heal?
How long does stitches on your arm heal? How many weeks? Like a 4-5 inch stitches?...

 Ok people get your fingers working for my question!!!?
I have been driving for a while and I would like to know:

What are the problems with accelerating the car too fast?

Please be as explicit as you can TY


 why do I wake up to bite marks on the back of my neck?
I have two cats but they seem to be de-flead, could it be bed bugs?...

 The cut on my finger is still bleeding?
Last night my finger accidentally got cut quite deeply on a kitchen knife - it was bleeding a lot so we put several plasters on it. Three hours later, we checked to find it was still bleeding loads. W...

 Did I break my finger?
Today in gym I jammed my finger playing basketball. It has become swollenand alittle bruised(not really black though) and I was wondering if it is broken. I can still bend it but it hurts to do it....

 my daughther is 14 months old, mosquito bit on the eyebrows yesterday night, now it is swollen..please advice?

 Should you pop a blister?
Or let the bubble stay and heal on its own? I have a blister on my index finger from trying to take pour spouts off of liquor bottles. It's not from a burn. Should I pop it or let it be?...

 My cat scratched my face?
My outdoor cat got into a fight with my indoor cat, and I pushed the outdoor one away because she was going to knock over a bird cage. She jumped and scratched my face, like my lip. My mouth and ...

 i got bleach on my cut!!! now it hurts!?
i was bleaching my white shoes and i totally forgot that i have a cut on my finger! now its swollen and red! and it hurts when i touch it...please help me!...

 I step on a kitten & i think it bite me. do i need to take anti-rabbies?
while i was carrying a plywood i accidentally step on a kitten. I think it bite me. i saw 2 very small wound and it bleed a little. i was it with flowing water and wash it with soap and i put alcohol....


 My 13 month old just ate my bath and body works lotion should I call poison control or will she be ok?

 whats going on in my hands?
they turned blue then seized up with no swelling then turned black. i had to super heat them to get them moving again and my whole body and im freezing now......

 My boyfriend got a mosquito bite on his eyelid at the begining of summer and it still has not gone away?
My boyfriend got a mosquito bite on his eyelid at the begining of the summer - it is now October and it has still not gone away... it doesn't seem to bother him but he can feel it when he ...

 HELP ME PLEASE electric shock!!!?
my headphones broke and the bit on the end came off so the electrical wire was hanging out
i didnt realise so i put my hand on it and felt a sharp stinging feeling go through my hand..
now ...

Obama Change 08
Is it safe to use clorox bleach to treat a cut on your hand?

Peter North
yes. bleach is often used to treat medical wounds on the battlefield or in places where wounds are serious. just wear old clothes. be sure to submerge the wound for at least 5-10 minutes.

It isn't.

It will kill bacteria, but it will also kill your cells. The damaged tissue will take even longer to heal.

Really, plain soap and water would be better than bleach. Or hydrogen peroxide.

Wolf Force
My friend has done it before, so I know it won't kill you, but it BURNS and you'll only want to leave it on for a second or two at most. It's much better to just go rinse with water and use hydrogen peroxide (the brown bottle).

use hydrogen peroxide (in the brown bottle)
it doesnt sting like bleach and it is 100% safe
let it bubble up and after your done, put a bandage on it so it can be protected from dirt

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