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 Really swollen mosquito bite making me limp?!?
I have two mosquito bites on my shin that are white in the middle and red round the oustide about the size of 1ps.. i scratched them like mad yesterday and now they are swollen so much it has caused ...

 Today I peed and I it stung really bad so I putted a slat compress where it stung!?
And now it stings even more should I put sugar now so the salt will be ...

 What's the best way to get wax out of your ear?
Q-tips don't help, they make it worse! I'm tired of going to the doctor just because I can't hear due to wax build up! Is there any home remedies that actually work?...

 A question about a cast vs.a walking cast?
I do not have this injury (and in fact have never broken a bone, which is why I'm clueless.) I need to have this information for a story I am writing. If a character breaks her ankle, a simple ...

 What is it like getting stitches off?
im getting mine of 2day... its 5 under the lip
but tell me anything u can about it
hurts? time? what they do??

I looked in the mirroe and my gums were turning white and bleeding a little I look up and my eyes were bloodshot and were bleeding too. my face is bloodstained and I don't have a phone! I don...

 how much time can I spend in a jacuzzi at 102 degrees?

 How can a scar heal faster?
I got some injections on my face and the point from the needle has left rather large scars all over my face that makeup isn't covering up. Any idea how I can get them to heal?...

 How can we best treat my husband's massive sunburn?
We went rafting this weekend and my husband's legs got very burnt. At first they didn't look/feel bad, but the day after he could barely walk. It's been two days now, and he still can&#...

 not everyone1 who vomits bee sick in sleep ore drinks antifreeze dies 10 points?
bugging me u no no people don this lived yo tar i COOL...

 I just got stung by a bee on the side of my face near my eye. What should I do?

 How can i convice my mom to let me get snake bites?

 how do you get rid of a bug bite that has already scabbed?
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 i got a bug bite! help!!!! 10 pts best answer?
i got bit on my elbow area and it swelled to the point where i cant move my arm all the way
it itches like crazy and its killing me because im not scratchin it
i thjink its a mosquito

 what to do if i have mosiquotoe bite?

 what insect bites cause a red ring around the bite?

 i am going into hospital for an operation tommorow what will they make me wear?
I am going for my tooth to be 'exposed' and im worried that they will make me wear just a hospital gown and im on my period so im not going to feel comfortable with just that on. What will ...

 How do i get a mosquito bite to stop itching or to go away?
Im allergic to mosquito bites. When they bite me, it hurts, really bad. I have one on the part where my leg bends and ive heard banana peels help but i have no bananas at home....

 Do you need stitches if it is a small wound that didn't bleed much?
I somehow managed to cut my wrist on a ceramic bowl that broke as I was trying to catch it. It's only about half of an inch long, with about 1.5 centimeters being a lot deeper than the rest. It ...

 does any1 know first aid for severe burns ?????????pls tell.....?

J ♥ J
Is having a piece of lead stuck inside your skin bad?
I mean like pencil lead. My little brother was in class and his friend stabbed him in the leg with a lead pencil (they were playing around) and a piece of the lead got stuck inside his leg and he couldn't get it out. That happened a while ago and it doesn't bother him but still, is it dangerous?

Robin K
No not dangerous I have two since 5th grade -50 now they fade over the years

Brad Green
I'll second the superpowers. I have had graphite in my hand for over ten years, and I have awesome superpowers from it. And no, having graphite in your hand is harmless, if not awesome.

its good.it will give u super powers like spiderman

That is not lead. A pencil is made with graphite.
It will work it's way out over time.

it's not bad. I got stabbed in the hand with pensil lead 6 years ago and its still there :P I can still see it under my skin

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