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 really bad Mosquito bites?
i was at a birthday party and it was held outside and there was Mosquitos everywhere. the next day i had at least 20 Mosquito bites on both my legs and they're itching really bad and this is ...

 infection in my ear piercing.?
I got my ears pierced 5 months ago. the beginning of the year. my brother did it with a sterile ear kit. one of my ears got infected and i was just wondering what i can do to keep it clean. i know ...

 There's water in my ear from swimming ..?
I went swimming at my uncles house so Im sure its a clean pool but anywayz that was like 2 days ago & I think there is like water stuck in my ear cus I cant hear hardly at all out of my right ...

 Ever wake up tired, and feel tired all day, what's your secret for snapping out of it?

 How to get rid of sunburn FAST?
Yesterday I walked down he beach in Florida. I came from Minnesota so I was pale and not used to the sun. So I BURNT. My shoulders, upper back, sides of upper arms, and a little but on the back of my ...

 are any vegetarians or vegans eating jello??

 BLEEDING BADDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
i just accidentilly pulled skin from udner my finger nail and it wont quit bleeding! teh keyboaard is a little bloddy how do i stop it????????????...

 I bit my tongue a few days ago, I think it's ulcering, it's killing me to eat. What's a good remedy?

 who is your biggest fan????

 How do you cut yourself.. properly?

 How do u stop people from doing things like drinking and smoking.?

 How can you help a cut heal really quick?
I have a cut and it's really annoying, it's like, deep enough to bleed but not too bad...how can I help it heal quicker...?...

 How can you heal this thing?
I got this thing on my gum on the back of my two front teeth. It's like red and swollen in this one little spot and it kinda hurts when you touch it, so it's hard to eat. How can you heal ...

 I'm the only one caring for my grandmother?
She is 90, has dimemtia, needs help with nearly everything (thankfully hygene just needs reminders). I live with her, cook, clean, shop, do her laundry and I have to be there every night or she gets ...

 water in ear?
i went swimming today and i have water in my ear. i use to have "swim ear" that i used and it worked wonders but i dont have any...and if i do i cant find it. is there any type of household ...

 i have an ingrowning toenail, and it's turning yellow. what's wrong?
help please! it kills like a mother!!...

 am i overweight? 13 years old, 5'7'', and 160 lbs, female?

 I downed some pills... what's gonna happen?
In a moment of weakness, I downed about 7 Tylenol, maybe a bit more.

So, what's the worst that can happen to me?


 What works to get fluid out of inner ear.?
any over the counter remedies? It builds up in my left ear while I sleep and it causes ringing, goes away the longer I remain upright....

 sunburn help?? it hurts alot....?
i got burned tuesday its friday and it still hurts so bad ... i got burned from putting tanning oil on and laying out for 1 1/2 hours... i put aloe on like 4 times a day or more and i take tons of ...

I just swallowed a spoonful of ant Poison...Poison Patrol is not answering. What do I do?
I'm feeling dizzy.

You sit and pray to your god that you die, cause if not, you'll be shittin' blood for the next 3 weeks, which WILL eventually kill you.

How the hell did you do that?

diane foreman
Stick your finger down your throat and try and get it out. Or else call the ambulance and in the meantime drink lots of water to try and flush it out.

Hey, I hope you're okay. Did you manage to get to a hospital? I hope you did...

Harvest Moon Gal
Do you purposely swallow it???? Call 911! Try the poison center number again!! go to the er!!

are you still alive!?
good luck!

You can call the suicide hotline if you swallowed it purposely. Or, just go to the hospital. But poison control always answers, so either you're lying, or you called the wrong number.

Call 911 if poison control is not answering, as you need the help. There could be a lot of things that are happening. I hope that this helps.

Get to the nearest hospital immediately.
- Get a friend who is nearby to drive you.
- OR - Call a taxi.
- OR - Call an ambulance if you have enough money to cover it.

Good luck.

call 18002221222 it is the poison control center central number they will be able to help you. Go to the ER!

go to the ER

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