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IM JUST WONDERING.....................

 do you have to feel pain when a spider bites you ?
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I have a scratch in my ear with a scab. What should I do?
I have what looks like a tiny tiny tiny white scab on the inside of my ear. I think I got the scratch from a paper clip (dont ask)a week or 2 ago. Today I had an itch and I went to rub my ear and black stuff came out. I think It's dried blood. I cleaned it out with salt water and Q-tips. I think the dried blood was there because I dont normally clean the part of my ear that the scratch is on (its in a tiny little nook). Now that I cleaned it with salt water, will the cut heal? It's pretty small and I had to use a mirror and a flash light to see it.

~ {A} ~
As a nurse, I can tell you that it will heal up fine within a few days, as long as you don't scratch the scab off.
And yes, the black stuff is just dried blood - so don't stress!

lol, first, don't stick paperclips in your ear hmm kay.
And yes it will heal, don't poke it or scratch it anymore.

just dab some peroxide on it.

go to an ENT doctor

leslie oleary
Leave it alone and it will heal. Don't pick at it, or it could get infected. Maybe put a bit of antibiotic ointment on it if you're concerned it will get infected.

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